Brian Williams’ Return as Anchor Mocked Mercilessly on Twitter

By on September 23, 2015
'brian williams sings 'gin and tonic'

Brian Williams’ returned to the anchor chair last night after a seven month exile became a trending topic on Twitter. The tweets were not congratulatory though. Williams became the punchline earning his own hashtag #BrianWilliamsPopeStories.

Williams had been suspended by NBC after it was discovered that he was less than truthful when covering big stories. At first he suspended himself before an outcry led NBC to do their own internal investigation which led to them suspending the popular anchor.

He made his return without much fanfare after enjoying a weekend in which he saw his daughter Allison get married. But instead of being celebrated, Williams was mocked mercilessly on Twitter as followers created their own fake Brian Williams stories. His first shift as an anchor saw him covering Pope Francis’ highly anticipated visit giving the Twitterverse fodder for their Tweets.

One person tweeted out:

Pope Merlot

While others had fun with his return writing:

Pope Stories

Perhaps the prize goes to a Twitter user who wrote:

Did you know he was grazed by the very same bullet that struck Pope John Paul II in 1981 in Vatican Square?

Before it came out that Williams told false stories about his time in Iraq, he was one of the most popular NBC anchors often doing guest appearances on sitcoms like 30 Rock and appearing on late night television slow jamming the news. His popularity soared as he became more than just a trusted news source but someone who was seen as fun and not full of himself.

Then came his very public fall in which he was forced to admit that he embellished some of his stories making many wonder if the man who won a Peabody for his Hurricane Katrina coverage could be trusted at all. Ultimately he lost his spot on NBC though he was given a slap on the wrist in the form of a months long suspension.

Some believe his position at MSNBC is an attempt to revamp the network though nobody believes that it is a step up for Williams who once owned the top late night news slot. His return was mocked mercilessly with no sign of it letting up. Will Brian Williams be able to recover his position as a news anchor or will he continue to be mocked? Did NBC make a mistake giving him a second chance?

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