Britney Interview Talks New Music, World Tour and Jane the Virgin on Twitter #AskBritney

By on September 15, 2015

Britney Spears stopped by Twitter for a bit and offered to chat with some of her amazing fans. Before long the hashtags, #askbritney was trending and we got a whole lot of information about the Grammy Award winning singer including what she bought her sons Sean and Jaden for their birthdays, her favorite song to perform in Las Vegas, whether we can expect a world tour soon and much more!


The questions that were asked of Britney included:

What made you dye your hair purple and blue? #AskBritney

@britneyspears responded: I like to change up my hair as often as I change up my show costumes. Lol. #AskBritney

What type of present you gave to Sean and JJ in their birthday? #AskBritne

Britney responded: I got them each U-Wheels. It’s like a Segway without the handle. #AskBritney

Any hints about your role on Jane the Virgin? #AskBritney
Britney: I’m playing myself. That’s all I can say! #AskBritney

Is there new costumes for the next round of #PieceOfMe concerts? #AskBritney

Britney: For sure! I love changing up my show looks. #AskBritney

Are you working on any new music at the moment? #AskBritney
Britney: Yes I have been! And just loving the process. #AskBritney

Will there ever be another world tour in the future? #AskBritney
Britney: Who doesn’t love to travel? ? #AskBritney

Are new songs going to be added to #pom ?
Britney: Definitely! We’re working on it now. #AskBritney

What is your current favorite song in the show to perform and does it change some nights to other songs? #AskBritney
Britney: It’s different every night, but right now I’d say “Toxic” #AskBritney

What’s your favorite thing about your fans? 🙂 #askBritney
❤️They are loyal, fierce and fun! #AskBritney

How much do you love when your favorite celebrity answers your questions. Social Media has definitely changed the world. It’s so nice getting to know the celebrities up close and personal.

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