Caitlyn Jenner Files Documents to Make Name and Gender Legal

By on September 15, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner has filed the necessary paperwork to make her transition legal. The I Am Cait star is requesting to have her legal name listed as Caitlyn Jenner and her gender as female. She has received an outpouring of support since announcing she wants to live an authentic life though her paperwork reveals that there are still some obstacles to overcome.

She is reportedly afraid to have some information made public due to security concerns. According to TMZ, Caitlyn has received threats of physical harm and she wants the judge to seal some of the private information on her legal documents.


In her docuseries I Am Cait, she hoped to raise awareness for many issues faced by the trans community. One issue is violence especially against trans women of color. Caitlyn was often faced with the reality that her experience is very different from the rest of the trans community due to her wealth and fame. While she has been a bigger target in some ways, she has also had the means to utilize many services not always available to the rest of the trans community.

Caitlyn would like her medical history sealed as well, though it is odd that she would even have to request that considering how strict privacy laws are in terms of medical information. It is more of a concern for the trans community when considering the amount of violence directed towards the transgender community.

The legal request to change her name comes just after she had a renaming ceremony on her docuseries. The ceremony, in which guests wore white, took place in Caitlyn’s Malibu home. Boy George was present and rumored girlfriend Candis Cayne sang for her backed by the Gay Men’s Choir, though none of her family was there for her special day.

Caitlyn has spoken frequently about the lack of private support extended towards her by her family as opposed to their public declarations of love. It isn’t clear if their absence at her renaming ceremony was due to a lack of support or just busy schedules.

She had a very public reconciliation with her ex-wife Kris Jenner and has been seen more frequently at LGBTQ events supporting a community she is learning to call her own. Her desire to have her name and gender change reflected legally comes after she was struggling with whether to join her golf club as Bruce or Caitlyn.

Despite the threats, the overall response to Caitlyn and her transition has been positive. She has been lauded for her bravery in sharing her journey and being a part of raising awareness for the transgender community.

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