Celebrity Mean Tweets Day 3 – Salma Hayak, Andrew Garfield

By on September 24, 2015

It’s Mean Tweets Week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Every day this week, Jimmy Kimmel has had surprise celebrity guests come out and read a tweet from Twitter. Joining Jimmy on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 was Salma Hayak, Andrew Garfield, Jack Black and Emily Blunt.

'mean tweets on jimmy kimmel live'

First up was Emily Blunt who read a tweet from @jonlgnanz:

“Emily blunt’s eyes make up for that horrendous sound that comes out of her mouth #britishaccent.”

Salma Hayek came out next and read a tweet from @loladice2:

“I hate salma hayek movies. Her voice annoys me and they never show us he boobs. Meh.”

Andrew Garfield was next reading a tweet from @raihaan:

“Is Andrew Garfield trying to do his utter best to look like a pedophile that lives in an RV.”

Garfield found the tweet hysterical and responded by saying, “Yes.”

The last person reading mean tweets was Jack Black who read a tweet from @tad10ck:

“Is Jack Black married cause thats f**kin gross.”

Jack Black joked that he just retweeted the tweet.

For mean tweet week, we have seen Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell and Benedict Cumberbatch on day one and Bette Midler, Liam Neeson and ‘The Rock’ on day two.

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Check out the mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s website at the 14 minute mark.

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