Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Gets Spanked in Court

By on September 11, 2015

Chris Brown is smiling after a Houston judge sided against his baby mama in court today. Brown was fighting back after Nia Guzman, the mother of his daughter Royalty, attempted to block his visitation. Guzman cited security concerns and requested that Brown’s visits get limited to supervised visitation. She also wanted a judge to up her child support payments from $2500 a month to $15,000.

Despite Brown’s history of domestic violence, ties with gangs, and a recent home invasion, the judge was not buying Guzman’s claim that little Royalty is in danger and granted Brown joint custody while also shooting down Guzman’s request for more money. Brown will continue to pay what he’s paying now which is $2500 a month. Not exactly chump change for one kid though hardly the payday Guzman was hoping for.


According to TMZ, Brown and Guzman will share parenting time with Royalty with each one having her for four days before returning her to the other parent. The custody is a huge win for Brown who claimed that Guzman was trying to keep him from his daughter. He recently issued strict ultimatums to his entourage about drugs and increased his security to be sure that his daughter would remain safe.

Guzman and Brown got into it on social media with Guzman calling herself a “single mother” while calling Brown a “single man.” He responded to some of her claims by throwing her now ex-boyfriend in her face who was a wanted man.

Just when their social media war was heating up, Brown also requested the judge to order Guzman to stop trashing him on social media and not reveal details of the case. It was another victory for Brown after the judge did just that.

Brown also threw some shade at TMZ on his Instagram account after the site reported he was a no-show in court. He posted a picture with his lawyers and the caption, “Sorry TMZ,I think u got your info wrong. I’ve been in court for the last 2 hours. #ILOVEROYALTY.:

Reports have Brown taking Royalty home from court today. He and Guzman both live in Los Angeles and Guzman’s last minute attempt to move the case from Houston to LA was denied. There are some reports that her attempt to move the case was because she believed LA would provide a more lucrative child support arrangement. She initially stayed in Houston with some saying it was an attempt to create distance from Brown.

For now the case is settled. Brown appears to be madly in love with his daughter even if he makes questionable lifestyle choices. It will be interesting to see if Guzman tries to re-open the case in LA in a bid for more money. After all, $2500 is nothing. She may need to take some baby mama classes and find out where the real settlements are.

What do you think about Chris Brown’s victory in court? Was it a fair ruling? Should he be paying more than $2500 a month for his daughter? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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