Dance Moms Stalker Talks About Maddie and Abby Lee Miller From Jail

By on September 4, 2015

Dance Mom

Fans of the hit Lifetime reality dance show “Dance Moms” are pretty passionate about the dancers and Abby Lee Dance Company owner Abby Lee Miller. But sometimes, fans can get out of control with “celebrities” and it ends horrifically. Phoenix Sundown, an adult male, is in police custody right now after harassing the young stars of “Dance Moms.” This includes Maddie Ziegler, 12, who is famous, not just for the reality series but for her dancing in a few Sia videos, including “Chandelier.” Ziegler also performed with Kristen Wiig at the Grammy Awards as Sia does not like to be seen all that much. According to TMZ, Sundown, 36, has sent eleven packages to Maddie and is now sending sexually explicit material to Jojo “With the BowBow” Siwa, also 12. He also has an Abby Lee Miller zombie tattoo on his neck so I would day his obsession runs deep.

Phoenix Sundown

Phoenix Sundown


When interviewed by San Diego 10 News, he claimed that those were not the only two that he has contacted but justified it because it was never physical contact. Sundown was arrested Tuesday and has been in jail before on manslaughter charges according to 10News and he had this to say from his cell during the interview: “They know I’m not going to come swinging through a rope and smashing through a window and screaming with print outs that we married. I’m not that crazy.” His bail has been raised from $25,000 to $250,000 upon learning of his prior track record while court documents state that there are at least four minors that he has attempted communication with. News10 also discovered that Sundown had spent three years in prison and time in a mental health facility after he plead guilty to assault upon his girlfriend at the time, 2007. He will appear in court on the 10th of this month and could spend over five years in jail. There is a price to fame but how high is that price? We just hope that the girls, as well as Abby are safe.

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