Dancing With the Stars 2015 – Who is Alek Skarlatos?

By on September 2, 2015

Dancing With the Stars has announced the full cast for the 21st season of the show.


One of the contenders for the Mirror Ball Trophy is a new name that may have you scratching your head and wondering, ‘Who is That?’ Alek Skarlatos doesn’t sing, dance or act – he is in the military and is being touted as a hero.

Skarlato is one of three men who stopped a massacre aboard a Paris-bound train. Using his military training, Alek jumped in, stopped the terrorist and he and his friends saved a number of lives. They ultimately saved the lives of numerous travelers. Since the incident, Skarlato has received an award from France, made television appearances and the city of Sacramento plans to hold a parade to honor him and the other two men who assisted him in saving everyone. The U.S. Army also plans to award him a medal for his actions.

Check out the complete cast for Dancing With the Stars Fall 2015 here.

We gathered up as much information as possible since little is known about the hero, who will soon become a household name, thanks to Dancing With the Stars.

Alek Skarlatos
Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon
Age: 22 years of age
Career: Oregon Army National Guard specialist
Plans on returning to college to obtain a degree and work in law enforcement.

As for his personal life – no word on if he has a girlfriend, fiancĂ© or wife – but we will keep you posted!!

While Skarlato said he didn’t know what all the fuss was about and had planned on laying low for a while, it looks like he may have changed his mind since he is now appearing on Dancing With the Stars.

Maybe Skarlato will change his mind and get into acting or something in entertainment. A whole new world is opening up for the man, who has become an international hero.

What do you think about Alek Skarlatos being chosen for Dancing With the Stars?

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