Dancing With the Stars Season 21 Recap 9/22/15 – Week 2 Ep 3 – Victor Espinoza Was Eliminated?

By on September 22, 2015
'dwts season 21 week 2 - who was eliminated?
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It is another night of Dancing With the Stars. Last night, September 21, 2015, we saw Chaka Khan and her professional dance partner, Keo eliminated in the first week of the hit reality series.

'dwts season 21 week 2 - who was eliminated?

While Kim Zoliak was on the bottom of the leaderboard on the first week out, her fan base saved her and she wasn’t even in jeopardy. Chaka Kan and Gary Busey were in jeopardy with Chaka being sent home. Does that mean that tonight we will see Gary Busey sent home?

For the first elimination episode, the celebrities still had to get out there and dance. Bindi Irwin landed on top of the leaderboard once again, dancing to AC/DC with her professional dance partner, Derek Hough, receiving the first nine of the season.

On the second episode this week, we will see the celebrities dance another dance with the theme remaining Hometown Dances. Last night’s episode was about the celebrity’s hometowns while tonight it’s about the professional dancers hometowns.

Nick Caerter & Sharna – 21/30

Paula Deen & Louis 19/30

Hayes Grier & Emma 22/30

Chaka Khan & Keo 15/30 – Already Eliminated

Andy Grammar & Allison 21/30

Kim Zoliak & Tony 19/30

Alek & Lindsay 23/30

Alexa PenaVega & Mark 24/30

Victor & Karina 17/30

Tamar Braxton & Val 24/30

Gary Busey & Anna 18/30

Carlos PenaVega & Witney 24/30

Bindi Irwin & Dere 25/30

Victor Espinoza is at the bottom of the leaderboard, while Bindi Irwin is at the top of the leaderboard. Will Victor go home or will it be Gary Busey who will be eliminated.

We will be recapping tonight’s dances, so be sure to bookmark Have U Heard and come back to see how all the dancers did on the second night of eliminations.

Hayes Grier and Emma
Emma’s Hometown: Tamworth, England
Emma misses her family and her twin sister, who completes her!
Dance: Quickstep to Are You Going to Be My Girl by Jett
Judges Comments: Julieanne: It was fresh, it was youthful. I still want to get that booty and smack it right under. Bruno: It was hip, it was cool. It had the joyful energy of youth. You are going out there like a model. CarrieAnn: It was fresh, but it was classic. You are so good, but you have to work on your feet.
Scores: 23/30

Carlos and Witney
Witney’s hometown is Americanfork, Utah
Dance: Cha Cha to Hound Dog
Judges Comments: Bruno: I felt that as well. I love what you put into this but you have to be careful because you missed a couple of steps. You covered it so well. CarrieAnn: I wasn’t impressed tonight. I think you are fantastic and you have so much swagger but you shortened all your swagger. Don’t shrink the package. Julieanne: You have style,you have the groove, you have the swagger and you’re such a great performer. You need to straighten those legs but still fun to watch.
Scores: 21/30

Keep reading to see how the rest of the cast danced.

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