Donald Trump Interviews Donald Trump on The Tonight Show – Declares Kanye His VP Candidate

By on September 12, 2015
'donald trump interviewing donald trump'

Donald Trump interviewing Donald Trump on The Tonight Show – it doesn’t get much better than that!

'donald trump interviewing donald trump'

In what is sure to become a classic, Jimmy Fallon, who is an expert at playing Donald Trump, sat down at a mirror to interview himself and on the other side of the mirror was the real Donald Trump. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

Topics such as the economy, the Mexican border and whether Donald Trump will choose Gary Busey or Kanye West as his Vice President were discussed.

The interview began with Fallon saying, “Wow, I look fantastic,” and the real Trump says, “No, we look fantastic.” Fallon playing Trump then mocks himself, “We’ve got a big interview with Jimmy Fallon coming up. But let’s be honest, Fallon’s a lightweight. No way he deserves to interview me. The only one qualified to interview me is me. Me interviewing me that, is what I call a great idea,” followed by the real Donald answering himself with, “Of course it’s a great idea, I thought of it.”

Fallon’s Trump brings up how next week there’s a ”huuuuuge” Republican debate and asks a series of questions of “himself,” including, “How are you gonna create jobs in this country?” and how he plans to “get Mexico to build a wall at the border.” Fallon’s “Trump” responds, “Easy. I’ll challenge them to the biggest game of Jenga ever…..And then when they finish, I’ll say, ‘I don’t wanna play anymore!’”

Watch the complete interview where Trump declares Kanye West as his Vice Presidential running mate. The video is below and it really is hysterical and worth watching.

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