Empire’s Terrence Howard Claims He is Responsible for Robert Downey, Jr. Iron Man Role

By on September 15, 2015

Empire’s Terrence Howard had an interesting and bizarre interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that will leave you wondering if the actor is delusional and crazy.

'terrence howard on empire'

The interview is all over the place with Howard discussing his abusive behavior, his theory on Math and his claims that he helped Robert Downey, Jr. get the role in Iron Man and when he asked Downey for help when he was fired from the Iron Man Franchise, he was ignored.

Howard was the first actor to be hired for Iron Man, as well as being the highest paid actor in the franchise at $3.5 million, with an additional $5 million promised if there was a sequel. Howard claims he’d heard the producers weren’t interested in Robert Downey Jr., because of his past drug problems. According to Howard he took a $1 million pay cut so that the producers would audition Downey, who they ended up hiring. (Marvel Studios disputes this saying Howard played no part in getting Downey the job.)

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We all know what happened next, Iron Man¬†went on to become a huge success. When it came time for Iron Man 2, Howard’s part was reduced and so was his salary, to a mere $40k. His agent said no to the pay cut and Don Cheadle had been hired as his replacement by the next day. According to Howard, he reached out to Downey for help in getting his job back and was ignored. Howard credits himself on giving Downey the entire Iron Man franchise and the $100 million that goes along with it.

Something else Terrence Howard touched upon in the interview is math and the fact that one times one doesn’t equal one, but rather two. Howard spends 17 hours a day cutting out plastic shapes and wire demonstrating the theory, creating the pieces saying they “make up the motion of the universe.”

As for his abusive past, while Howard has apologized on occasion for hitting an ex, he also claims that a number of the incidents that occurred were self defense.

There is no doubt that Howard had a rough childhood. His father was in jail for murdering a man who cut him on line while waiting with his children to see Santa. The actor was also bullied as a child.

Howard himself has labeled himself crazy saying, “The sooner people declare me insane, the sooner I’ll be free.” There is something to be said of someone labeling themselves – who knows Howard better than Howard? Maybe it’s time we started listening to the actor – at least when it comes to the part about being crazy. What do you think about what Howard has to say about math, Robert Downey, Jr and him being crazy?

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