General Hospital Recap for August 31 – September 4, 2015 – Sonny Shot

By on September 5, 2015
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This week on General Hospital – Silas’ killer is arrested; Sam and Jake find leverage on Nikolas; and Sonny may miss his wedding to Carly!

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At the Haunted Star Maxie accepts Lulu’s dare and auditions for the role of Marjorie. Maxie does such a great job that she blows Dillon and Lulu away. Dillon declares she is perfect for the part while jealousy fills Lulu’s face. Lulu tries to talk Maxie out of the role, citing that Maxie would have to work closely with Dillon and they have never gotten along. Maxie assures Dillon she can do this and Dillon is so impressed with Maxie that he wants her to be the leading lady.

Sonny and Carly are fretting about Morgan on the eve before their wedding. TJ bursts in with the news that Ric has been taken into custody for the murder of Silas Clay. Sonny flies to the station where Jordan smugly tells him that he is behind the curve. Ric has been released. And furthermore, he is helping them! Say what now?

Apparently, as we learn from a conversation between Dante, Nathan, and Jordan, Nathan discovered a discrepancy in Silas’ signature. It looks different from his signature in the visitors’ log to the Jerome penthouse and the signature on Nina’s inheritance paperwork. In fact the signature on the paperwork is almost identical to the one forged on the prescription for Nina’s medication that put her into a coma 22 years ago…meaning Madeline forged Silas’ signature on the day he died. She is the one who killed Silas! When confronted with this piece of evidence, Ric realizes that it could like look he did it unless he gets a confession, so he heads to the courthouse wearing a wire. He manages to get Madeline to reveal that she stabbed Silas in the back when he revealed he intended to turn himself in for Avery’s kidnapping, but first he wanted to tell Nina. Madeline couldn’t have that, so she stabbed him!

Meanwhile Kiki reels from the news that Morgan slept with her mother. Morgan arrives at Silas’ apartment where Kiki rips into him. She knows everything! Morgan tries to explain; he even tries to propose to her but Kiki kicks him out. She then heads to the jail to confront her mother. Kiki pretty much eviscerates Ava and with good reason. Ava weakly defends herself with the excuse that her attraction to Morgan overwhelmed her. When Kiki accuses her of loving Morgan more than her own daughter, Ava backpedals. She insists that Kiki and Avery are the most important people to her. Kiki spits that Ava has no daughters because she sure as hell won’t forgive her mother and Sonny will make sure that Avery never knows her mother is even alive.

Sonny returns home to find Carly comforting baby Avery and calling her “daughter.” He beams at them and hopes that Michael will attend their wedding in the morning. Carly hands Avery to Sonny and dances out the door, promising to see him at the altar.

In another part of the jail Franco and Nina are in opposite jail cells. Franco breaks the news that it wasn’t Ava who killed Silas, but Madeline. Nina bursts into angry tears, ranting that her mother has taken so much from her. She killed Silas for money! Franco reminds Nina to look on the bright side. This means they are free—free to start their lives together.

Upstairs in the squad room Maxie bounds in with the happy news that she has been cast in Dillon’s movie. But Nathan is too upset over arresting the woman who raised him (Madeline) for Silas’ murder. Maxie comforts him as Madeline is brought in. Maxie says that Madeline doesn’t deserve Nathan and Nina as her children as Madeline warns Maxie that if she continues to speak this way to her, she will end up like Silas. Then Madeline is brought downstairs where Nina screams at her. Madeline insists that the money is hers, not Nina’s! She had to do what she did! After Madeline is taken away, Nina breaks down, but cheers up with Franco again reminds her that they are free—and can pretend that Madeline doesn’t even exist. Nina blows him a kiss through the bars.

Michael meets up with Morgan at the Haunted Star. Morgan is drinking himself into a tizzy, so Michael cuts him off. They talk about Morgan’s break-up. Michael broaches the subject of bi-polar. He gently suggests that Morgan get tested, but Morgan resists. Michael assures Morgan that he has his back no matter what he decides—and things will get better, promise!

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