General Hospital Recap for September 8 to September 11, 2015

By on September 12, 2015

This week on General Hospital……Sonny fights for his life; Sloane is not the man Anna wants him to be; and Hayden and Nikolas get closer.


Sam and Jake jump off of the boat from Spoon Island, frustrated that Sloane wouldn’t corroborate his story that he helped Nikolas rig the mayoral election. Suddenly shots ring out! Jake pushes Sam between two oil barrels to protect her. What the hell is going on? Naturally the two of them decide to investigate instead of getting out of there.

Inside the warehouse TJ watches in horror as Sonny orders Charlie to untie TJ—and gets shot in the chest! Charlie grabs Sonny’s gun and looks around, demanding who did that. Two of his thug friends rush in, both claiming they didn’t kill Sonny. They see Sonny bleeding on the ground and decide to finish him off, but Jake bursts in. He quickly overpowers everyone, kills them, and rushes to save Sonny’s life as Sam unties TJ and calls the police.

Back at Wyndemere Hayden challenges Nikolas. He is lying; he knows who Jake is. And he doesn’t want Hayden to remember that. Nikolas scoffs at Hayden. He tries to seduce her, and they end up taking a plunge in the icy cold pool.

Carly and her merry band of women arrive at Sonny’s house, ready for a wedding when they realize that Sonny has left. Valerie watches a tender moment between Carly and Bobbie, and witnesses Lulu holding Avery and telling Dante she wants another kid. Suddenly Valerie looks like she is about to hurl and Bobbie offers to take her home. Michael and Sabrina have a sweet moment with Avery as Carly gets impatient. Where is Sonny? Suddenly the doors open and Jake walks in covered in blood. Carly trembles as Jake announces that Sonny was shot.

At the Commissioner’s office Anna waits eagerly for Sloane to return. He does but with some bad news. He refuses to help her, explaining that he works for Nikolas. He can’t turn him in, even if that means alienating himself from Anna. Anna mentions how Jordan almost convinced her to give Sloane a chance, but looking at him now merely disgusts her. Sloane reminds Anna that he’s the only person who knows she killed Carlos in cold blood—and because of that; Julian will never pay for Duke’s death. Anna is gut wrenched as she admits she knows that. She snarls that Sloane will never be half the man Duke was. Sloane cruelly reminds Anna that Duke had, at one point, chosen the mob over her.

Jordan is in the squad room when one of the men in blue informs her that TJ was involved in a shooting. Soon, TJ is brought in and gives Jordan the complete story. Jordan is relieved to see her son, but bothered when TJ repeatedly lauds Sonny’s actions, calling him a hero.

Carly, Michael, and Morgan, followed by Jake, rush to the hospital where Sam tells them that Patrick is working on Sonny. Of course Carly barges into the ER to beg Sonny to hang on. She thanks Jake for saving Sonny as Sam wonders again how Jake was able to take out all of those guys alone. Patrick later emerges from the ER to say that Sonny won’t be stabilized until he gets a blood transfusion. Carly understands that to mean that Sonny will be okay, but Patrick corrects her. The bullet is lodged near Sonny’s spine…Morgan flips out because he interprets this to mean Sonny will be paralyzed. Ric rushes in to take control of the situation, saying he is the only blood relative here. He forgets about Morgan as he points out that Carly didn’t marry Sonny yet and Michael is not Sonny’s biological son. Michael insists that he is Sonny’s son and orders Philly—Sonny’s new bodyguard—to escort Ric out of the hospital. Carly beams at Michael; he called himself Sonny’s son! Patrick later tells Carly there is a good chance that Sonny could die as well. While Carly, TJ, Michael and Morgan go to see Sonny, Patrick tells Sam how upset he is to hear that she was in danger again tonight. They talk it out but Patrick will never be okay with Sam’s instincts to run towards gun shots instead of away from them.

Back at Sonny’s house Maxie, Lulu, and Sabrina are visibly shaken. They play with Avery and drink Sonny’s expensive wine as they worry. Maxie and Lulu tell Sabrina that while Michael seems like he left the mob life behind, deep inside, he is just like Sonny.

Julian visits Ava at the jail, where he tells her he was at the docks for a walk and had bumped into Olivia. He listens as Ava swears she intends to get Avery back and tells her that Olivia had named their son Leo before he died. As Julian leaves, he bumps into Dante, who is looking for someone to blame for Sonny’s injury. Dante pushes Julian into a chair. He accuses Julian of shooting Sonny and asks where Julian was during the time of the wedding. Julian refuses to answer but little does he know Olivia is at this moment telling Lulu that she bumped into Julian at the docks—right before the time Sonny was shot! Lulu rushes to the PCPD to tell Dante what she knows. Julian refuses to talk without Alexis and tries to leave, but is blocked by Morgan, who basically threatens to kill him. Dante ends up slugging Julian when Julian taunts him for inheriting Sonny’s wandering eye and the cops have to drag Morgan out of the room to calm him down.

Jordan asks TJ to come to her office where she tries to convince him to move out of Sonny’s house for his safety. TJ insists that Sonny cares about him and goes on and on about how brave Sonny was. Jordan doesn’t want to lose TJ, but realizes she can’t tell him what to do. Later Anna returns to tell Jordan that Sloane betrayed her. When Jordan wants to go after Sloane, Anna backtracks. She realizes that Sloane could reveal that she killed Carlos, so she convinces Jordan to leave Sloane alone for the moment. Jordan pours them both a stiff drink and they toast.

At the Quartermaine mansion Tracy finds Paul reviewing his divorce papers. They are discussing the past when Sabrina enters with the news that Sonny has been shot. Paul realizes that you can’t change the past; life can change in an instant and he signs his divorce papers.

Sloane returns to Wyndemere to squeeze more money out of Nikolas. He blames Nikolas for losing Anna. Nikolas pretty much throws him out, but Hayden advises Sloane not to give up on Anna. Hayden has pity for Sloane and turns the tables on Nikolas. She can see that he has been hurt once. Did she do it? Nikolas shakes his head. Actually, he did it to her.

Elizabeth is horrified when Jake returns home covered in Sonny’s blood. He explains what happened, which scares Elizabeth. She is hit with guilt when Jake tells her that Sonny treated him like a trusted friend, saying he knew he would come and asking him to talk to Carly for him. Jake suddenly feels responsible to Sonny, close to him somehow. Elizabeth realizes she is repeating history again, keeping Jason from his family. She tearfully turns to Jake and announces she has something to tell him.

What do you think, GH fans? Will Sonny survive? Will Elizabeth tell Jake that he is really Jason? Who shot Sonny? Post your guesses below!

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