General Hospital Recap for September 21 to September 25, 2015

By on September 26, 2015
'general hospital recaps'

This week on General Hospital, Paul reveals his true intentions; Michael resumes his place in the Corinthos family; and Sam can’t let go of Jason.

'general hospital recaps'

Michael and Milo head to Sam’s penthouse hoping to find Julian. TJ reluctantly admits that Morgan was here, looking for Julian as well. He isn’t sure where Morgan went, but alludes to the envelope that has Alexis’ name on it and the address of a remote cabin.

Alexis sets Julian up at a remote cabin so he can hide from Sonny, but as Alexis bids Julian good-bye, Morgan appears. Morgan points a gun at them both, threatening to kill them. They try to deter Morgan with suggestions that this is not what Sonny would want. When Alexis says that Morgan will have to kill her too, Julian reminds Morgan that Molly and Kristina (his cousin and sister) would be devastated. Morgan doesn’t care. He orders Alexis to leave. Alexis refuses, but Julian urges her to go. So Alexis does, and runs into Michael outside. She screams that Morgan has a gun as they hear a single gunshot. They rush inside to find Julian on the floor, Morgan standing over him. Alexis screams again, but Julian sits up. There is no blood on his shirt: he was not shot. They struggled over the gun and Julian fell. Morgan attempts to kill Julian again, but Michael talks him down by reminding him that this is not what Sonny wants.

At the Quartermaine mansion Dillon and Tracy are both cautiously optimistic that Paul has changed. Maxie chides them for being ungrateful and advises them to open up to Paul. She notes that Tracy smiles a whole lot more when Paul is around. Dillon reminds Maxie that Paul has been absent his whole life, so naturally he is going to be a little skeptical about the guy. Maxie understands about deadbeat dads. She explains that she has come to accept that Frisco won’t be the dad she wants, but she knows he loves her.

Ava opens her door to Paul. Who is he and what does he want? Paul holds up the flash drive, stolen from Scotty’s suite. He suggests that if Ava wants to remain a free woman, she listen to him. Paul gleefully reveals that he is the one who shot Sonny and has been targeting him the whole time (and framing Julian for it). He wants to continue to be the silent aggressor, using Ava as his “face”. Incredulous, Ava realizes she has to partner with Paul or she will go to jail. Paul then drops another bomb: he is the new DA of Port Charles!

Meanwhile Elizabeth is on duty and goes to check on Sonny. She dresses his bandages while Carly goes into the hall to wait. Jake stops by to see how they are doing. When Sonny hears Jake outside, he asks Elizabeth to bring him in. Sonny thanks Jake but suddenly insists that he is Jason—and he wants Jason to find Morgan. Shaken Elizabeth explains it’s probably Sonny’s meds that is making him confused. Jake is affected and agrees to look for Morgan.

Patrick blurts that he wants to marry Sam. Sam is pleased, but she hesitates before saying yes. She admits it’s her and Jason’s 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow. So the timing isn’t great. She can’t say yes. Patrick understands, but hopes she will be able to say yes someday soon.

Ric stops by Sam’s penthouse looking for Molly, but she is under the weather. Ric admits he got fired by the mayor, but he has no idea who the new DA is.

The next morning Patrick is playing a melancholy tune on his new guitar (a birthday present from Sam) while Sam wistfully holds Jason’s wedding ring. Later she heads to the bedroom with two mugs of coffee and reassures Patrick that she does want to marry him—just not right now. She promises to do whatever she needs to do to get to the same place he is emotionally. They make love to reaffirm that they are still in love, though there’s an awkward moment when they discuss Patrick and Robin congratulating Sam and Jason during their wedding reception.

Meanwhile Jake dreams of his wedding Sam without realizing what it really is. Elizabeth wakes him up with the idea to get married today since today is the anniversary of the day they met. Jake feels something about this day is off and suggests November 6, the day Elizabeth asked him to move in with her. He says his life started the day he met her. Elizabeth replies her life changed because of him.

Scotty pays Ava a visit to say that Ric has been fired. Ava offers to pay him one million dollars if he finds a way to get Avery back to her. Later Julian arrives to ask Ava to help him find out who is framing him. Ava knows exactly who, but can’t say. She later heads to the hospital to spend time with Avery. Carly snarls at her. She will never let Ava near this baby! Ava produces a court order, but upon closer reading, Carly sees that Ava needs to give them 24 hours’ notice. Ava reluctantly hands Avery back to Carly and promises she will be back.

At the Q manse Dillon is stoked to hear that Paul is the new DA and warns his dad about all the mob activity in the city. Paul assures Dillon he can handle it and they celebrate the production of Dillon’s movie. Later Alexis arrives to convince Paul to look at other suspects in Sonny’s shooting, other than Julian. Paul assures her that he is interested in justice, not a witch hunt. Meanwhile Sam goes to see Julian to offer her investigative services, but Julian worries she will get caught in the crossfire. Sam confides that Patrick proposed and that she still can’t stop thinking of Jason.

Patrick’s check-up with Sonny turns into a therapy session about Sam and Jason. Sonny can’t shake the feeling that Jake is so much like Jason while Patrick reveals that Sam is still in love with Jason.

Sam heads to Noodle Buddha where she bumps into Jake, picking up food for Carly and her boys. Sam shows him the dragon and phoenix figurines and tells him about her unconventional wedding to Jason at the restaurant. She admits she wants to say yes to Patrick, but that a part of her can’t let go of Jason. She kinda sorta believes he is still alive!

Back at GH Patrick congratulates Elizabeth on her impending nuptials and laments the lack of his own. He tells Elizabeth that he had the misfortune of proposing to Sam on her wedding anniversary to Jason. Elizabeth urges him not to give up with such intensity that Patrick is startled.

In another part of the hospital Ric meets up with Michael and Morgan to tell them that the five mob families are having a meeting about Sonny. He intends to represent the Corinthos. Both Michael and Morgan vehemently protest. Morgan wants to go, but everyone knows that is a terrible idea, so Michael goes instead.

Meanwhile Paul summons Ava to the docks where he gives her the order to attend the five families meeting and to announce that Julian is Sonny’s shooter. When Ava hesitates, Paul reminds her that he has the flash drive—the only thing standing between her and her daughter. So Ava dutifully heads to the meeting, which is taking place at a wedding. She announces to the mob bosses that she has the information they need.

What do you think, GH fans? Will Jake finally remember that he is Jason? Are you getting tired of all the anvil-type clues dropping whenever Jake is onscreen? Will Elizabeth marry him before he remembers?

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