Who is Jeremy Collins ? Bio and Video – Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance Cast 2015

By on September 22, 2015
'jeremy collins_survivor cambodia second chance'

Who is Jeremy Collins? Initially appearing on season 29 of Survivor, Survivor: San Juan, Collins will return to Survivor Cambodia: Second ChanceĀ to see if this time around he can make it to the end.

'jeremy collins_survivor cambodia second chance'

For the first time in Survivor history, the viewers have spoken and Jeremy Collins was one of 20 castmates who were chosen to return for their ‘Second Chance.’ This time around Survivor will be heading to Cambodia, like they did the very first season of the hit reality series.

Season: Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Previous Finish: 10th place

What will you do differently this time around? I need to do a better job picking my alliance. My last alliance turned their back on me at the first chance they got, so I would pick more trustworthy and loyal people. I would try to improve in my Immunity Challenges…. I was terrible in those! Lastly, I would enjoy the moment. I was thinking so much about the game that I didn’t take in the moment and it was over just like that.” This time around, Jeremy doesn’t plan on stressing out like he did the first time around. He plans on ‘just playing.’ People look at him as a physical threat, so he plans on surrounding himself with others who are a physical threat. He plans on making the most of his ‘second chance.’

After being dropped off on in Camboida, 20 castaways will revisit the first-ever Survivor challenge, which was completed 15 years ago. From there they will decide grab a supply boat, board it, and take as many supplies as they can with them or they can swim or find a way to get to another boat that is 100 yards away with a big bag of rice.

Check out Jeremy Collins video below where he discusses his strategy this time around.

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