Jessa Duggar Turns Against Brother Josh in Wake of Cheating Scandal

By on September 2, 2015

The Duggar family unity now appears to be broken. Jessa Duggar has made some very public moves that make it appear she is turning her back on her cheating brother Josh. Nothing says family feud better than warring Bible passages, does it?

Jessa had been a staunch supporter of Josh’s after police reports were uncovered revealing that he had molested several young girls, many believed to be his sisters. The 19 Kids and Counting family circled the wagons around Josh providing a litany of excuses. They preached forgiveness for Josh and spouted Bible passage after Bible passage in an effort to show what a God loving and fearing family they truly were.

Now it seems that Jessa is publicly distancing herself from her brother in the wake of his latest scandal. Where she once appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Fox Files with her sister Jill where they both minimized the molestation incident and declared themselves a family, she is now aligning herself with her father-in-law, Michael Seewald, or at least she’s publicizing his very public evisceration of her brother.

Jessa Seewald Insta

Michael Seewald was one of many who stood by Josh. A blog post he shared shows that he too has changed his mind. Jesse apparently agrees with him because she has directed followers on social media to the link in which her father-in-law’s scathing post in which he begins that he does not “wish to add any more distress to a family still recovering from the indignity of the publication of a police reports detailing Josh’s sins as a teenager,” with a big but coming after that.

Michael Seewald took a different tone than the Duggar’s had previously taken. He expressed belief that Christians are capable of sin but took issue with Josh’s continued masquerade as someone exhibiting Christian values.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar let fans know that their “hearts were broken” following Josh’s latest confession sprinkled with talk of God, though they stopped short of the condemnation they have reserved the LGBT community. Josh’s wife Anna has frequently posted memes about marriage meaning one man and one woman, a belief her husband didn’t appear to share. The Duggar family has been full of judgment against everyone but their own. That is until now.

Jessa is reportedly turning her back against her brother. It isn’t clear if it is due to pressure from her husband Ben and his family or if she’s just had enough of her brother and his lies. She has shared Bible passages and her father-in-law’s post slamming Josh. How long before she makes a public statement against Josh in her own words?

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