Jessica Alba Defends Honest Company Talks Honest Beauty on Good Morning America

By on September 10, 2015
'jessica alba

Jessica Alba has become one of the richest self-made women in America thanks to her business venture, The Honest Company, which after a little more than three years is now valued at two billion dollars, according to Forbes Magazine. Alba appeared on Good Morning America where she spoke about the Honest Company.


'jessica alba


Alba started the company because she wanted safe and effective products in her own home and she wanted everyone to have access to the safe and effective products at a great price. Alba had a lot of allergies as a child and she wanted her children to grow up in a safer environment.

It wasn’t easy for Alba to start her company, it took more than three years for her to find the business partners she has today. It’s been 3 1/2 years since the company started and it definitely has taken off, although it isn’t always easy. Alba and her company have recently come under fire for the sunscreen made by The Honest Company. The sunscreen is being called ineffective by users and the company is now being sued for $5 million. The company is being accused of deceptively labeling the products. Alba responded to the charges saying,

“I created The Honest Company to give people access to safe and effective products and we have committed at The Honest Company┬áto use the most effective ingredients. We are also committed to continuing to educate customers on how best to use the products.”

When asked how the lawsuit has affected Jessica Alba, she responded by expressing her excitement with the company’s new line, Honest Beauty and what the future holds. Honest Beauty represents diversity and women of color, with products for everyone. Alba even did make up tutorials on her new website,

The line includes a skin line to cleanse, highlight, protect and enhance women’s beauty. No word if Alba’s sci-fi light therapy will be part of the new beauty line – but something tells us it will not.

What do you think about what Jessica Alba has to say about the lawsuit? And what do you think about The Honest Company branching out into beauty? It seems fitting since Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women in the world. With the success of The Honest Company, it is likely the beauty line will only add to the success.


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