Josh Duggar Missing – No Show at Rehab for Sexual Deviant Issues

By on September 1, 2015
'josh duggar molestor'

Josh Duggar is said to have gone missing. Following the latest scandal for Duggar, where he has admitted to cheating on his wife, after an account on the cheating website, Ashley Madison, was revealed, Josh was said to have entered rehab. While we all know rehab is more about a public relations move than curing a problem, we had still hoped this time it would be different. Cheating and molestation issues definitely need some kind of help.

'josh duggar molestor'

According to Radar Online, while Josh Duggar was reportedly set to enter rehab, he is reportedly not in rehab and his whereabouts are unknown.

Duggar had initially confessed to molesting his sisters and a close family friend and later admitted to cheating on his wife and having an account on the cheating website, Ashley Madison.

The rehab facility has said they haven’t seen Josh. This rehab has participants participate in prayer, read the bible and attend mandatory church services and meetings, all things the Duggars do on a regular basis. Not sure why this would be considered rehab??

Interestingly enough, the rehab center that Josh Duggar is said to be attending the Reformers Unanimous program, that is said to treat those with drug and alcohol addiction. Reformers Unanimous claims an 80 percent success rate and charges $7,500 for a six-month stay.

This isn’t Josh’s first stint in rehab as he was said to have entered into rehab back in 2003 Josh where he spent three months at a faith-based rehab facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. That rehab stay was when Josh sexually molested his sisters. The rehab center was said to be mostly about physical labor and included counseling.

The allegation of sexual abuse has been the beginning of the end for the Duggar family. The family’s hit show, 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled as a result of the molestation charges that came to light.

Do you think Josh is really not missing and the claim of him attending rehab was to take some of the heat off of the family?

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