Kate Gosselin Dumped By Millionaire Boyfriend For Younger Woman

By on September 16, 2015

Kate Gosselin has been dumped by her millionaire boyfriend. To add insult to injury, now ex-boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, dumped her for a 26-year-old woman.

Apparently Prescott, COO and co-founder of Dreamstine,a photo agency, was getting cold feet over filming for Gosselin’s reality show, Kate Plus 8. He reportedly canceled production plans only two days before a planned New York City shoot despite months of planning for it. Unlike Kate who has used her children to propel her to fame, Prescott was leery about what the exposure would do to his own three children from a previous marriage.

Jon Gosselin

Trouble was in the air over the summer when Gosselin was frustrated when Prescott was not available to spend time with her. He was apparently traveling for business. It was while he traveled that he met the woman he left Gosselin for.

His new love interest is based in New York City and Belarus, according to ET Online, and is a business major who speaks five languages. Prescott and his new girlfriend have reportedly already been on two trips together, one to Las Vegas and another to Hawaii. That is just the trips they’ve been spotted on together.

According to an ET report, Gosselin is devastated. She had been dating Prescott since January and believed that they had a “special connection.”

Before Prescott, Gosselin was rumored to be dating her bodyguard, Steve Nelid. She denied the rumors though there were reports that they shared the same bedroom on business trips and even when Gosselin stayed in NYC while filming NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

The reality star became famous while starring on Jon & Kate Plus 8 with ex-husband Jon Gosselin. The show had fans though many were critical calling Gosselin cold towards her husband and children. After they divorced, she attempted to revive her career to help pay the bills. Jon began working at odd jobs not making nearly enough to help support his children leaving it up to his ex-wife.

Jon, too has moved on and is working as a DJ and dating a woman from Pennsylvania.

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