Kate Middleton Gets Back to Work After Birth of Princess Charlotte With a New Hairstyle

By on September 17, 2015

Kate Middleton has returned to her public duties with an engagement at a children’s mental health center in London, but all everyone can talk about is her new hair. The Duchess has added a long bang to her long locks adding one more thing for style experts to discuss. Forget the children’ts mental health center. Kate wore a black and white houndstooth Ralp Lauren dress and cheek-length bangs. Now that’s important.

After spending much of the past four months out of the public eye, Kate is returning to the glare that comes with royal life. While she was enjoying her maternity leave and spending quality time with her children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, she was the subject of speculation about the state of her marriage and even pregnancy rumors. Her last minute cancellation from a wedding of friends caused an uproar with many claiming that her husband Prince William was becoming henpecked while others claimed the couple was on the verge of a divorce.

'princess charlotte christening photo'

Then came the pregnancy rumors. Kate’s absence from the public eye was rumored to be because of a pregnancy that she was trying to hide. Some gossips believed she was suffering from severe morning sickness as she had with her first two pregnancies. There were even some reports that she was seen in public covering her belly to avoid anyone detecting a baby bump.

Kate put the baby rumors to rest when she showed up at the Anna Freud Centre looking relaxed and well-rested. The mom of two appeared to be refreshed following a quiet summer spent at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, the home she shares with William. The couple favored their Norfolk home because it has been a place that has allowed them maximum privacy with even the locals leaving them in peace.

Her return to work begins at the Anna Freud Centre where she will tour the facility and then the site of a planned Community Campus and then later The Family School, a charity sponsored by the Anna Freud Center. The Centre has a long history of working with children suffering from emotional issues. The Duchess plans to focus her work on raising awareness for mental health issues for young people and she’s rocking bangs while she does it.

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s bangs? Now that she’s back to work will people focus on her work or her fashion? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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