Kim Richards Spotted in LA Smoke Shops-Was She Looking For Xanax?

By on September 14, 2015

Only days after Kim Richards told fans on Twitter that she’s sober new reports are surfacing that she has been trying to score Xanax in Los Angeles area smoke shops. The child turned reality star has faced a very public battle with substance abuse and recently checked out of rehab but if the reports are true, she may still be in a downward spiral.

The former Bravo star will not be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this after last season’s tumultuous ride in which she was repeatedly claimed she was sober before getting arrested shortly after the reunion aired. Richards was drunk and disorderly at the Polo Lounge where she locked herself in the bathroom before kicking police officers.

Kim R Brandi

Kim then appeared with her kids on Dr. Phil’s talk show where he offered to cover the cost of her rehab, an offer she refused because she wanted to choose the facility. She stormed off the set after accusing Dr. Phil and her kids of staging an intervention. She eventually checked herself into a rehab, one her fellow housewife Brandi Glanville compared to a Four Seasons, only to go on a bender at her daughter Brooke’s Mexican wedding.

She was reportedly belligerent and verbally abused the groom’s family causing her daughter Brooke to vow never to speak with her again. Her sister Kyle had stopped speaking with her believing Kim was in desperate need of some tough love.

Then came the shoplift arrest in which Kim was arrested for stealing two shopping carts filled with dollar items and beauty supplies. She was expected to show up in court in early December to accept a plea agreement sparing her jail time but refused the deal when prosecutors would not agree to community service instead of community labor.

Kim returned to Twitter telling fans that she was sober and that all was good. She has a history of declaring herself sober when, in fact, the opposite was true. Now TMZ is reporting that she was spotted in smoke shops in Sherman Oaks, California looking for Xanax.

According to the TMZ reports, she went one smoke shop three times telling the proprietors that family members told her she could get Xanax there. After being turned away she was seen headed into another smoke shop. She reportedly claimed she needed the Xanax for a foot injury though Xanax is used to treat anxiety.

It would also be an odd choice for any doctor to prescribe to a patient known to be a recovering addict and something that would be filled in a pharmacy not a smoke shop.

If the reports true and Kim has been trying to score Xanax it would be a sign of just how strong her addiction is. The rate of relapse for addiction is high and Kim Richards is no different than any other addict. Her ex-husband Monty Brinson has been showing her support on social media though it seems the rest of her support system has dwindled. With no job, no support, and what appears to be a refusal to get the proper help, it looks like Kim Richards hasn’t hit rock bottom yet.

What do you think about reports that Kim Richards is looking to score Xanax? Is it a mistake or is she still in the throes of addiction? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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