Lauren Conrad Talks Being Basic and Brody Jenner and Heidi Montag

By on September 1, 2015
'lauren conrad is basic'

Lauren Conrad is still around. The reality show star who began her journey to fame on the high school reality series, Laguna Beach before getting her own television show, The Hills, sat down with Cosmopolitan Magazine and spoke about being okay with being ‘basic,’ in addition to how she feels about former co-stars Brody Jenner and Heidi Montag.

'lauren conrad is basic'

While we are sure Conrad probably didn’t realize when she made the statement about being basic, that teens everywhere refer to the word basic as not original or not too smart, she considers herself basic but she is also a happy person. We are guessing she meant she is just like everyone else – but we have a call into her rep, just in case to clarify.

As for Brody Jenner, who played her boyfriend on The Hills for a while, but we later found out although it was a reality show, they were just ‘pretending’ to be boyfriend and girlfriend, Conrad was asked how she felt about his sex talk show? She wasn’t even aware he had his own talk show until her husband informed her. She said, “He has a lot of experience … so sure, depending on what kind of advice you want.”

Finally, her best friend turned arch nemesis, Heidi Montag, recently said she forgave Lauren for trying to ruin her life. When asked what Conrad thought about being forgiven, she said,

“I don’t think it has anything to do with me. You just have to focus on the good people in your life. Focusing on what you lose is only going to make you sad.”

Overall, Conrad has a good attitude. She is busy running a multi-million dollar fashion line for Kohls and loves her passion for fashion. She is living her life and seems to not really care about her former co-stars, who clearly aren’t as successful as she is.

What do you think about what Lauren Conrad has to say about being basic and about her co-stars?

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