Who is Monica Padilla? Bio and Video – Survivor: Cambodia ‘Second Chance’ Cast 2015

By on September 22, 2015
'monica padilla survivor 31 cambodia'

Monica Padilla returns to Survivor for her second chance on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’.  For the first time in the history of Survivor, the cast has been chosen by the fans. The premiere of the show will take the cast, who have already competed on Survivor, during one of its earlier seasons, back to where it all began, in Cambodia.

'monica padilla survivor 31 cambodia'

The first stop in Cambodia will be a tour through Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. After being dropped off on the coast of Koh Rong, 20 castaways will revisit the first-ever Survivor challenge, which was completed 15 years ago. From there they will decide grab a supply boat, board it, and take as many supplies as they can with them or they can swim or find a way to get to another boat that is 100 yards away with a big bag of rice.

Monica Padilla is 30 years old and has her law degree. Besides being smart, Padilla is beautiful and plans on using her good looks to her advantage.

Monica Padilla

Season: Survivor: Samoa

Previous Finish: 7th place

Monica’s strategy is to align herself with the annoying people. She knows everyone expects her to align herself with the pretty people but by aligning herself with the annoying people, she believes no one will vote for them in the end and she has a better chance of winning.

What will you do differently this time around? “Last time I played in Survivor: Samoa, I was young and fresh out of law school. I didn’t truly see the big picture. I am going into this season older and wiser —ready to prioritize my end game from Day 1, always keeping Day 39 in sight!

In Samoa I made it to Day 33, but I was worried about how I was perceived and not hurting anyone’s feelings. This time I am going ALL in, and holding NOTHING back. I was the only one who wasn’t afraid to step up to Russell before anyone even knew who he was!

Do you think Monica will do better this time around? Will she make it further this time around?

Be sure to tune into Survivor with a special 90-minute season premiere episode on Wednesday, Sept. 23 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT).

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