Nashville Season 4 Premiere Recap – Does Deacon Live or Die?

By on September 23, 2015
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When we last left off on the Season Finale of Season 3 of Nashville, there were a lot of questions….like was Deacon alive? Did he die on the table during his liver transplant? Did Juliette really choose her career over her family, what are the repercussions of Will coming out as gay and what about Scarlett and Gunnar, will they reunite?

'nashville season 4 premiere with steven tyler and hayden panetierre'

Since the season premiere of Nashville begins one month into the future, hopefully our questions will be answered quickly. Because waiting several months to see if Deacon is alive is too much for any Nashville Fan. The writers are not going to make it easy though, leaving it to your imagination for the first 3 1/2 minutes of the premiere of season four.

Since we can’t tell you if Deacon lives or dies (go to the next page to see the big reveal), we will reveal some other details about the episode that you have been waiting to hear.

When we last saw Juliette she walked out on Rayna’s label and was picked up by Raina’s ex-fiance, Luke Wheeler’ label. Raina signs off on Juliette’s exit, making it legal and binding. In the meantime, Juliette’s career is taking off, with her being the face of Chanel. Steven Tyler guest stars as himself in the premiere episode where he sings a duet of “CRAZY” with Juliette. With Juliette’s starring role in the Patsy Cline bio-pic, she is at an all-time career high, but is hitting a personal low, crying on the bathroom floor and reaching out to Rayna in a moment of desperation before hanging up on her. Meanwhile Avery, separated from Juliette, tends to baby Cadence at his parents’ home in Texas.

Rayna recognizes Juliette is suffering from postpartum depression and needs help. Will she get the help she needs? Rayna flies cross country to see if she can help Juliette, but Juliette pushes her away – as expected.

Scarlett is dealing with her feelings for Gunnar and her guilt over kissing him, while her doctor boyfriend just professed his love for her. While she says it back, you can hear the doubt in her voice. While Gunnar wants to discuss the kiss with Scarlett, she is going with the avoidance route. If you don’t discuss it, it didn’t happen.

As for Will – Luke has him hiding out and avoiding all press since the announcement was made. He has barely showered or shaved for a month before he finally heads out to dinner with his boyfriend. Right now Will is just having a hard time fitting in.

Nashville answers a number of questions following the season three finale in the premiere of season four but as always, there are a whole new set of questions following the premiere that will leave you coming back from more. Especially since Avery is back in Nashville living with Gunnar.

We will let you know about the fate of Deacon as soon as we can! In the meantime, leave a comment and let us know if you think Deacon survived the liver transplant or if he died.

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