Prince William Participates in Anti-Bullying Workshop-Supports LGBT Community

By on September 22, 2015

Prince William continues to honor his late mother, Princess Diana, through various causes that highlight why she was the People’s Princess. William attended an event run by The Diana Awards, named for his mother, and participated in anti-bullying training.

The prince was asked to list five people he’d turn to in the event he was being bullied. He was to write those names on a paper hand cut-out. He chose his wife Kate Middleton, his brother, Harry, his father, Prince Charles, and then his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. He also added his adorable dog, Lupo.


He also attended a training session at Hammersmith Academy which focused on cyber-bullying and the bullying often dealt with by the LGBT community. Participants were asked what they would do if they saw bullying happening and William said he would step in and confront the bully while also comforting the victim.

I would try to confront, to tackle the person. I usually find myself right in the middle of the problems so that’s pretty much where I’d be.

Tessy Ojo, an executive for the charity compared William to his mother saying, “This is Diana’s legacy. It’s not the bystander. That’s the parallel. Princess Diana didn’t see a problem and leave it. The Diana Award is built around that ethos, getting young people to change their world.”

The Diana Award has begun an ambassador program in which over 16,000 anti-bullying ambassadors have been trained in schools around the UK in response to the growing issue of bullying, cyber-bullying, and bullying of the LGBT community. The program trains staff, children and parents combat the issue going on in their communities.

Prince William’s participation in raising anti-bullying messages along with participation in hands-on training is another way that he shows his late mother is still very present in his heart. The princess chose charities that touched people and she was one of the first public figures to touch a patient affected with AIDS. She favored causes that supported the underserved. William’s tackling of such an important issue along with his wife Kate’s work towards focusing awareness on mental health issues for young people continues the legacy that Diana left behind.

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