Quantico Series Premiere 9/27/15 – Review and Recap Season 1 Ep. 1 ‘Run’

By on September 27, 2015
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Quantico begins with a scene of mass destruction before going to a flash back from nine months before. We see the star of the new television series, Priyanka Chopra, an actress who makes her American television debut in the role of Alex Parrish running through the streets of California before her mother calls her a cab to take a train somewhere.

quantize season premiere 9/27/15'

The premiere episode of Quantico is a bit confusing and will definitely peak your interest. The end of the episode seems very unrealistic but it won’t stop you from wanting to see episode 2. It is mysterious and the acting by Priyanka Chopra is outstanding, but will that be enough to bring viewers back? We will have to wait and see in week 2.

When Alex gets in the cab, she tells the driver to take her to the airport and she is off – but not before we see a scene where she takes a mystery package from under her carpet in her bedroom.

We see Alex meet a man named Ryan while on the plane. She tells him she is heading to Chili. We then see other people leave from Georgia, New York, Ohio and various other states, before Alex and Ryan are having sex in a car. When they are done having sex, Ryan asks Alex for her name, email, number pretty much anything. She tells him, no, he isn’t her type and then lists five things about him including he is newly separated, shady and a liar. But since he doesn’t deny any of her observations, he ends up alone in the car and wondering, who is she.

Welcome to the FBI academy at Quantico! Where both Ryan and Alex meet up again. The FBI Academy is the most difficult academy to make it through.

The background for the first episode is as follows:

Flashing back and forth between the future — the aftermath of a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station—and the present—a 20-week training course at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA—we follow the lives of seven FBI recruits. These young adults are pushed to the brink as the class is gradually whittled down, until only the finest candidates remain.

Haunted by questions about her late father and his mysterious career as an undercover agent, Alex Parrish joins the FBI searching for answers. Her fellow trainees include Ryan Booth (ex-military), Shelby Wyatt (an orphaned Southern belle), Eric Packer (a Mormon with a troubled past), Simon Asher (the first openly gay FBI recruit), Nimah Amin (an observant Muslim with a double life), and Caleb Haas (for whom the FBI is a family business). Their mentors at the Academy—Miranda Shaw and Liam O’Connor—have boundless experience but a complicated history with the Bureau and each other. When Alex Parrish learns that she’s been framed for the terrorist event, she has to run for her life while trying to figure out which of her former classmates is the real terrorist before they strike again.

Alex survived the blast and was the closest survivor to the blast. She learns from the FBI one of her classmates is the terrorist.

We quickly learn that the mentors at the academy, Miranda and Liam were partners, as well as exes. Miranda gave Liam the job as a last ditch effort to allow him some dignity and his pension when he leaves the FBI. They both lost their families to the job, but Liam is a drinker. Miranda warns him she saved him from drowning and she can just as easily throw him back in.

Keep reading to find out about the secrets of the cadets.

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