Reese Witherspoon Covers Best Dressed 2015 – See Top 10 People Magazine’s Best Dressed List

By on September 9, 2015
'melissa mccarthy 2015 best dressed list people magazine'

Reese Witherspoon is not only beautiful and an Oscar Winning Actress – she has also been named Best Dressed for 2015 People Magazine’s Best Dressed issue.

'melissa mccarthy 2015 best dressed list people magazine'

Also making the Best Dressed list is:

Julianne Moore
Mindy Kaling
Elizabeth Banks
Sienna Miller
Zoe Saldana
Rose Byrne
Emily Blunt
Kiernan Shipka
Kate Hudson

Julianne Moore made the best dressed issue for having the ability to mix it up and still look amazing. Moore’s red hair can seem like an added difficulty to matching her clothes but her stylist mixes it up anyway, even adding purple earrings while wearing a green gown.

Banks best dress style is thanks to her ability to look good in the back, as well as the front. Her designer gowns at the awards shows are the perfect example. As for the others who made the list and why – Sienna Miller, her simple, well tailored look, Zoe Saldana is not only beautiful but her willingness to experiment, thanks to her pregnancy with her twins and Rose Byrnes willingness to take risks all make their choices that much better!

Making the cover for the Best Dressed issue is Melissa McCarthy, who has just launched her new fashion line, 77.
McCarthy studied design and fashion in college, before going into comedy. McCarthy is hands on in the design of the clothes. The sizes for the fashion line is size 4 – 28. One of the missions McCarthy has with her new fashion line is that all of the sizes are in the same place on the floor of the department store and plus sizes should not be put in a separate section.

Some of McCarthy’s tips for being fashionable included:

Ignore All the Rules – Mix it Up – do whatever you want from day to day. Wear patterns and prints.

Pay it Forward – Make other people feel good. She created shirts with nice sayings.

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