Rosie O’Donnell Saves Life of Estranged Wife Michelle Rounds

By on September 24, 2015
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Rosie O’Donnell’s estranged wife Michelle Rounds is currently hospitalized after reportedly attempting suicide and it was Rosie who saved her life.

The two had been sparring over custody over their adopted daughter Dakota. Rounds made some serious accusations against Rosie claiming she was unfit due to smoking pot and drinking too much wine. She also claimed that Rosie was too busy with her career to spend time with the children making her the better parent. Rosie dismissed the allegations calling them a money grab.


Apparently a judge agreed with Rosie because reports say she won custody of their daughter which sent Rounds over the edge. According to reports Rounds was staying in a hotel not far from O’DOnnell’s Nyack home. She was feeling the strain of the divorce and the custody battle and swallowed pills. Rosie somehow became aware and called her and kept her on the phone until help arrived. She reportedly also visited her in the hospital offering comfort.

Life has been tough for Rosie lately. First she left The View after behind the scenes gossip painted her out as impossible to please and difficult to work with. She then announced that she was getting divorced from Rounds and needed time to tend to her family. She was then hit with the custody fight over little Dakota.

Following that her daughter Chelsea took off and Rosie took to social media asking for help finding her then underage daughter who had been missing and was, according to Rosie, in need of her medication. After the teen was located, it turned out that she met the much older man on Tinder, a dating app.

When she was located, the teen expressed a desire to stay put and was reluctant to return home though she did willingly before waiting a few days until her 18th birthday. The woman who put her up for adoption drove from Wisconsin and picked up Chelsea leaving Rosie devastated. Chelsea then showed up in court requesting a judge remove the no contact order that prohibited her from seeing Steven Sheerer, the man she sought comfort from when she ran away.

Rosie has also been in the tabloids lately due to her relationship with former child star Tatum O’Neal. Gossips were calling the two an item though Rosie set the record straight saying they are just friends.

With estranged wife, Michelle Rounds hospitalized after attempting suicide, it looks like the trouble won’t be ending for Rosie any time soon. There is no word yet on the condition Michelle Rounds is in or a statement yet from Rosie.

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