Is Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend Bryan Randall Another ‘Bad Boy’ – Arrested for DUI?

By on September 9, 2015
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Sandra Bullock seems to like those bad boys. It seems her new boyfriend, Bryan Randall has a past. A dark past. Being that his past goes back more than 20 years, is it all behind him?

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According to multiple sources including Star Magazine (not always the most reliable), Randall has a shady history and went through a ‘wild’ period in his life. In 1988 the photographer is said to have been arrested for a DUI while living in Portland. He ultimately pled guilty but it took five years and multiple warrants for missing court dates and driving with a suspended license. Again more trouble for Randall, in 1990 when he went on a four-day bender in L.A. and destroyed his hotel room. He allegedly ripped his ceiling fan down, tore up curtains and piled all the room’s furniture before winding up in a hospital.

When Randall pled guilty to the 1988 DUI, he did four days in jail, received two years of probation and was supposed to attend an “alcohol evaluation and treatment program” that was said to have been terminated since he didn’t contact a court-appointed monitor for a year.

Since Randall is 49 and this happened close to 30 years ago, when he was in his early twenty’s, it is definitely not something to judge him on. People definitely change from their early twenty’s, so judging someone on what they did in their youth, seems less than fair.

Bullock has a history of making bad choices, beginning when she married Jesse James. The marriage was shocking given Bullock’s good girl next door image and James’ tattoo, motorcycle riding image.  The marriage lasted five years before James cheated on Bullock back in 2010. Immediately following the end of Bullock’s marriage she adopted her son, Louie. The divorce happened following the allegations from numerous women claiming to have had relations with him. The story was the subject of all the headlines for months, with James becoming one of the most hated men out there. No one messes with America’s sweetheart and gets away with it.

Hopefully, Bryan has changed his stripes and is no longer drinking, partying and destroying things. What do you think about his history? Should Bullock be careful of him?

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