Scream Queens Recap 9/22/15 Season 1 Ep. 1 & 2 – Pilot & Hell Week

By on September 22, 2015
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If you rushed KKT this year then tonight is your night as Rush Week begins for new horror-comedy, Scream Queens. The much highly anticipated new series has an all star cast ranging from young Hollywood (Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas and tons more), to scream queen royalty Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis.

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The girls of Kappa are ready for a new year, new pledges and new fun, but are in for a much darker surprise. The house is led by the Queen Bee Chanel #1 and her small army of minion Chanel followers and they are anything less than pleasant. Chanel #1 wears the pants in the house and leads every girl to follow her path and the path she sets for Kappa, which is most of the times the wrong path to follow, which is why people warn to stay away from Kappa. This year for Kappa, things are different as Dean Cathy Munsch (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), brings forth a new rule to diversify Kappa and open it’s doors to any and everyone who wants to pledge, making it known that Kappa must accept and honor any and every pledge. This sends Chanel over the edge and as a result, she plans to make the new pledges lives living hell. While Kappa is dealing with it’s new changes, someone wants revenge on the Kappa house and dons a red devil outfit, stalking the girls of Kappa and starting a murder spree. The show puts it’s new age spin on the classic “Clue” style realm of anyone can be the killer, or the next victim.

Tonight’s special two hour premiere will show us episodes one and two of the series and continue every Tuesday at 8 pm with new episodes. The first episode is the pilot and that is where we will meet our new pledges, new rules will be set and the wrath of Chanel and Kappa will commence. Episode two takes us further into the series as Hell Week (better known as Rush Week) begins and the killings continue.

We have all of the Scream Queen photos here!!

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