Who is Terry Deitz – Bio and Video – Survivor: Cambodia ‘Second Chance’

By on September 23, 2015
'terry dietz_survivor'

Terry Dietz returns to Survivor: Cambodia, themed “Second Chance,” as one of the 20 castaways from previous seasons of Survivor who were voted for by fans to have another shot at being named “Sole Survivor.”

'terry dietz_survivor'
For one tribe, old-school thinking battles new-school strategy when the two distinct groups try to take control of the game.

Who is Terry Dietz?

Season: Survivor: Panama Season 12

Previous Finish: 3rd Place

What will you do differently this time around? “I’m very excited to get the opportunity to play this game again. What would I do differently? I would play a more strategic game and balance much better!”

With Terry coming in 3rd place on Survivor: Panama, he may have the best shot at winning Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance.

Terry is an airline pilot and people are expecting him to be straight up. He said ‘maybe not this time around.’ He lost the last time within one inch and one million dollars. He is thankful to be back, as there is a lot of unfinished business. He learned a lot from the fans, social and strategic. Being older, 55, he doesn’t think he can kick the younger kids a**es, so he has to up his game in other ways.

Below are the two tribes and the castmates that will be competing for their ‘Second Chance’ to win on Survivor!!

Bayon Tribe

Joe Anglim
Survivor: Worlds Apart

Jeremy Collins
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Ciera Eastin
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Stephen Fishbach
Survivor: Tocantins

Tasha Fox
Survivor: Cagayan

Kimmi Kappenberg
Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kass McQuillen
Survivor: Cagayan

Keith Nale
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Monica Padilla
Survivor: Samoa

Andrew Savage
Survivor: Pearl Islands

Takeo Tribe

Vytas Baskauskas
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Spencer Bledsoe
Survivor: Cagayan

Terry Deitz
Survivor: Panama

Abi-Maria Gomes
Survivor: Philippines

Woo Hwang
Survivor: Cagayan

Peih-Gee Law
Survivor: China

Shirin Oskooi
Survivor: Worlds Apart

Jeff Varner
Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kelley Wentworth
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Kelly Wiglesworth
Survivor: Borneo

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