Tyga Stuns At Concert- Asks “Where all the little girls at?”

By on September 5, 2015
'toga with a transgender model'


'toga with a transgender model'

Tyga is no stranger to controversy and he is dating a member of a family that is controversy personified. The boyfriend of youngest Jenner, Kylie, who just turned eighteen, has been dating the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star since she was a minor and even has her name tattooed on his arm. For her birthday, he gifted her with a quarter of a million dollar Ferrari that left everyone shocked, especially his ex Blac Chyna, who took to social media about the possibility of Tyga re-gifting a car he once gave to her. Though Kylie is now legal and she and Tyga have been spotted everywhere, TMZ has footage of Tyga at a recent concert calling out for some young girls.

No word on whether or not Kylie was in the audience to witness this proclamation but I am sure that she is not too happy with it. After all, the scrutiny that she and the twenty-five year old rapper was a lot to deal with but they made it through. There was even talk of an engagement when Kylie was spotted with a ring on “that finger.” So, here is how the concert went down: last night, Tyga performed at the largest pizza festival called First Slice Media Party. It was hosted by DJ Steve Aoki in Beverly Hills at a nine acre mansion and as Tyga prepped to sing, he called out to the ladies…errrr, girls…in the crowd: “Where all the little girls at?”

TMZ did not say whether or not minors were allowed to attend the party or not; if not, he could just be addressing the elephant in the room and the seven year age difference between he and his model girlfriend. Kylie has not responded and neither has Tyga but after the girls of “Dance Moms” were being harassed by Phoenix Sundown, 36, who is currently in jail, this really is not a joking matter. What do you think of the situation? Tacky or just his personality? Let us know.

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