Video: Andy Samberg’s Monologue 67th Emmy Awards – Jokes about Bill Cosby, Jared Fogel

By on September 20, 2015
'andy somber monologue Emmy'

Andy Samberg hosted the 67th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Center in Los Angeles on September 20, 2015.

'andy somber monologue Emmy'

Samberg, who started out on Saturday Night Live before starring in the comedy sitcom Brooklyn 911, is not only funny and a great actor, but can sing – sort of. The host of the Emmy’s opened the show with a skit where he spent a year watching all of the television shows out there, without showering. Helping him with the skit was Jon Hamm and Kerry Washington. In the skit he mentioned all of the television series out there, even pointing out all of the television shows with the word Wives in it. Who knew there were so many?

Andy came out and began by saying “Justin Timberlake is not coming” and the perfect meme saying, “Suck it Books.”  He joked about Bill Cosby and Jared Fogel from Subway fame, turned child pornography pedophile. Samberg pointed out this is the most diverse group of nominees in Hollywood history, declaring racism as officially over. Of course, don’t fact check that. He also spoke about the wage and age gap between men and women in Hollywood still existing and called Donald Trump racist.

The joke the audience loved was Paula Deen appearing on Dancing With the Stars, saying if I wanted to see intolerable women dance I would have went to one of Kim Davis’ four weddings.

Andy made sure to speak about the incredible nominees, including Jon Hamm, Amy Schumer, Adrien Brody and Alison Janney before saying, ‘Let’s give away some mother humpin’ Emmys.’

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