Video: Jessica Simpson Drunk During HSN Appearance? – Slurring Words

By on September 18, 2015

Jessica Simpson may have succeeded in selling out whatever she was selling on The Home Shopping Network on Thursday, September 17, 2015, but the slurring of her words and her shakey appearance was a big failure!

'jessica simpson drunk on hsn'

Simpson appeared on the HSN to celebrate her 10 Year Anniversary Collection of her billion dollar empire. Selling shoes, jeans, boots and accessories from the line may have been the goal, but the damage to her reputation, after fighting rumors of drinking problems, seems to be at an all time high both during and following her appearance. Slurring her words and appearing shaky on her feet, Simpson was speaking about the jeans saying,

‘Ashlee is like the best at wearing grey… my sister…. Like, she’s very rock ‘n’ roll, but there’s something about a grey… that’s like… sexy. Maybe it’s her and her husband, they share jeans… I have no idea…. I dunno there’s just something hot about them.’

Viewers took to twitter to express their concern and disgust with the reality star turned fashion guru, tweeting comments like:

Jessica Simpson is drunk on HSN. Anyone else seeing this?

Jessica is wasted on HSN, Hilarious!!

What an adventure! I’m going to say Jessica Simpson is drunk. Wasn’t watching until I was alerted to it. Wow.

That’s one way to bring in the viewers, or is it lose the viewers, show up dazed, confused and slur your speech to sell your fashion line. There was also an outpouring of sympathy to the host of the show, Colleen Lopez, on the HSN website with viewers saying things like,

She is horrible, she is talking constantly over Colleen and her mother isn’t much better,’ one customer wrote ‘They aren’t even able to give a decent description of the products. Sorry HSN I have turned the channel!!’

No word from Jessica’s camp yet with the excuses – she wasn’t feeling well and took a pain pill, she celebrated the anniversary a bit too much and anything else they could come up with. Or do you think they will just ignore the incident and go about their billion dollar business?

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts – was Jessica Simpson drunk or could it have been something else?

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