Video: Matt Damon Imitates Dr. Phil to Get on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Therapy Session

By on September 29, 2015

Matt Damon has been trying to get on The Jimmy Kimmel Show for the past 12 years, even kidnapping the talk show host, tying him up and playing host one night in order to get on the show.

'matt damon as dr. phil on Jimmy Kimmel Live'

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Damon came out, dressed as Dr. Phil, hoping to finally get on the show. Unfortunately, Kimmel blew the whistle on Damon and revealed to the audience that he and The Martian actor had a therapy session earlier in the day to try and work on their ‘relationship.’

Before Matt and Jimmy’s counseling session began, Jimmy sat down with the counselor and told her that he was anxious and nervous, but “hopeful” that he and Matt would be able to resolve their differences. Damon then joined Kimmel in therapy where we learned what the issue was between the two. Damon’s beef with Kimmel was that the talk show has “promised over a decade ago that I was going to be a guest on the show,” but instead he comes to the program and sits in a room, waiting every night to be called onstage, and Kimmel runs out of time for him. It’s in the listing every night that Matt Damon will be a guest on a show, but it has never happened. Jimmy claims they are busy.

Jimmy said that Matt thinks the world revolves around him and he is the only celebrity in California. When asked how it feels to be Matt, Jimmy said, “it would suck to be him.” Matt responded to Jimmy’s comments about him by saying he was “verbally abusive.” He also said he was disappointed that he bought a zoo for the both of them and Kimmel “didn’t even give it a chance…..You never even saw it.”

Jimmy went on to say Matt is spoiled and thinks that his show was really his. Matt told him the one time he hosted the show, “I busted the ratings wide open.”

A commitment was made to each other. Kimmel said he would try to get Damon on the show, “just not tonight because counseling has gone on a long time.” Damon committed to watiing “another 12 years” to be on his show. Since Damon lives there, Jimmy promised him a television for his room but no wifi.

The two men then hugged. Watch the video to see what happened when they hugged.

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