Who is Jeff Varner? Bio and Video – Survivor: Cambodia ‘Second Chance’ Cast 2015

By on September 23, 2015
'jeff varner_survivor second chance'

Who is Jeff Varner? Jeff Varner appeared on Season 2 of Survivor, Survivor: The Australian Outback and will return to Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance to see if this time around she can make it to the end.

'jeff varner_survivor second chance'

As a contestant 15 years ago, Varner may be at a disadvantage. Has he stayed in shape since the last time? Jeff admits to gaining weight and naming his boogie Leonard and Ray. He says he has to embrace these things because he is the only one who has them. He has to keep in mind because more people watching him look like him. He only placed 10th the first time around. Will he do better this time around?

Jeff is a writer and is getting the opportunity to re-write his own story.

Varner along with the other cast members of the show was chosen by the fans to take part in Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances.

Season: Survivor: The Australian Outback

Previous Placing: 10th place

What will you do differently this time around? “Fifteen years is a long time. Like the game itself, I’ve grown, matured, changed, and learned to appreciate things much more than before. I expect my second chance will reflect all of that. In Australia, I was free, played the game and allowed myself to let go and have fun. I intend to approach this time around the exact same way. This game doesn’t necessarily have to be an unpleasant experience. However it plays out, I assure you I’ll have fun every second I’m there.”

Check out the video of Jeff Varner below and who else will be competing against Jeff under the video.

Bayon Tribe

Joe Anglim
Survivor: Worlds Apart

Jeremy Collins
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Ciera Eastin
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Stephen Fishbach
Survivor: Tocantins

Tasha Fox
Survivor: Cagayan

Kimmi Kappenberg
Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kass McQuillen
Survivor: Cagayan

Keith Nale
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Monica Padilla
Survivor: Samoa

Andrew Savage
Survivor: Pearl Islands

Takeo Tribe

Vytas Baskauskas
Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Spencer Bledsoe
Survivor: Cagayan

Terry Deitz
Survivor: Panama

Abi-Maria Gomes
Survivor: Philippines

Woo Hwang
Survivor: Cagayan

Peih-Gee Law
Survivor: China

Shirin Oskooi
Survivor: Worlds Apart

Jeff Varner
Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kelley Wentworth
Survivor: San Juan del Sur

Kelly Wiglesworth
Survivor: Borneo

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