Zoey 101 – Does Zoe Love Chase? When Will We Find Out if She Accepts His Proposal?

By on September 19, 2015
'zoe 101 will chase and zoe get engaged?'

Zoey 101 hasn’t been on television since 2008. When the hit Nickelodeon television series went off the air suddenly, following the star Jamie Lynn Spears announcing she was 17 and pregnant, young viewers everywhere were left hanging. In season two of the hit series, the students at PCA put something meaningful in a time capsule with Zoey placing a dvd in the time capsule telling Chase how she really feels about him.

'zoe 101 will chase and zoe get engaged?'

We were left without an answer……until now.

It was no secret that Chase had a huge mad crush on Zoey and even followed her to London, but she decided to change her mind and return to PCA, leaving Zoey and Chase thousands of miles apart. When Chase returned at the end of the season to claim his true love, they finally had their long awaited first kiss and began to date.

On September 18, 2015 Nickelodeon aired a short clip of Zoey 101 featuring Chase and Michael from the original show, as they talked to each other about what Zoey Brooks said on her DVD. The fact that Chase is about to get engaged to someone else, doesn’t seem to matter, as Chase loves Zoe…..still. He leaves his girlfriend, telling her that he has always loved Zoe and still does. What happens next is anyone’s guess since the episode ended with “to be continued…..”

Will Chase and Zoe live happily ever after and get engaged? Zoe referred to Chase as someone who could be her soulmate in the dvd that was placed in the time capsule. It’s been 10 years, has she moved on??

We will keep you posted and let you know when we can expect to find out all the details and whether Chase and Zoe will end up together. Will Jamie Lynn Spears return to film the ending? She hasn’t acted as of lately – maybe this will spark her return to a television career?

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