Blindspot Recap 10/12/15 Season 1 Episode 4 “Bone May Rot”

By on October 12, 2015
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Taylor Shaw is Jane Doe. Last week on Blindspot we discovered that the DNA results from 10 years missing child Taylor Shaw match with Jane’s fingerprints. We have the complete recap for the last week’s episode of Blindspot here!


This huge discovery is important for detective Weller and the FBI team, but they still have much work ahead of them. The tattoos they’ve analyzed so far have almost led to deadly incidents for civilians and themselves. Every tattoo is going to get even more important, in discovering the purpose and reason behind Shaw’s situation.

Tonight they may face a deadly outbreak disease, which could have catastrophic effects.

Have U Heard the latest news that Blindspot has been picked up for an entire season and a full 22 episode have been ordered for the new hit television series, allowing the story of human conspiracy collage Jane Doe to play out. The story about a naked women who was found covered in a bunch of tattoos pointing to various crimes deserves an entire season.

Jaimie Alexander stars as the lead character in the series along with stars Sullivan Stapleton and Ashley Johnson, who play part of the FBI team attempting to decipher her character.

Blindspot is currently one of NBC’s top-rated shows, and is the first new network drama to get extended to a full season so far this year.


Two years ago in a lab of scientists in Hazmat suits are conducting research, when top scientist named Walter unexpectedly collapses and dies due to a tear in his suit.

In the present Doe who is now confirmed Shaw, is talking with Weller and the FBI doctor. Weller says she was raised by a single mom, who passed away when she was very young. Meanwhile, Patterson is at home getting ready for the day, when her boyfriend is looking through the pictures of Shaw’s tattoos.

She gets upset because it is classified information but he helps her discover a symbol behind one of the tattoos, the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Patterson presents this to the FBI office, so detectives Weller, Reade, and Zepata decide to visit CDC and bring Shaw. Reade as usual opposes this, but Weller still supports Shaw coming with them.

At the CDC, they go through a mandatory ultraviolet screening, when another clue is discovered. On Shaw’s face are rows of numbers that only show in the ultraviolet. One of the CDC doctors confirms they are numbers that classify a deadly contagious disease, which is studied in the underground CDC lab, BHL 4. The last person to be exposed was former Director Dr. Walter, who died two years ago due to the hazmat tear. Only Director Frank and Rebecca currently know about this disease.

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