Blindspot Recap 10/19/15 Season 1 Episode 5 “Split the Law”

By on October 19, 2015
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The next tattoo to analyze, a mysteriously hidden operation called “Daylight”, and a missing tooth from Shaw are just a few things that could cause the current thrilling plot of Blindspot to have even more strange discoveries and cliffhangers.

Last week the team discovered about the potential outbreak of a deadly disease from their visit to the CDC. It was a shocking to find out that the doctors that were charge of the CDC, Frank and Rebecca, secretly planned out the disease outbreak in order to fulfill their plans to “save the world”.

Luckily though, Weller was able to scope out their diabolical plans and with the help of Doe/Shaw, Reade, Zepata, and Patterson, the team stopped another catastrophe. So far the tattoos analyzed are leading to detrimental plans ordinary people are trying to make happen. The question of why, how, and who created Doe/Shaws state is still unclear.

They may even be a step back with the Doe/Shaws tooth scientifically showing she was born in Africa. Weller doesn’t want to believe it but the tooth provides valid information. Personally, it was nice seeing that Doe was proven to be Taylor Shaw. It fits with the story that Weller explains as a child when Taylor Shaw went missing. He deeply cares for her and he seems to have a guilt throughout his whole life that he caused Shaw to disappear as children.

Operation Daylight has been mentioned the past few episodes and it is eventually going to get discovered from the tattoo on Doe/Shaw’s body that has the case file number.

In tonights episode, After a seemingly straightforward hostage situation turns out to have deeper international implications, the CIA and FBI find themselves racing against each other to apprehend the same criminal with a dark history.

Carter the CIA Deputy Director expresses continued concern about Jane’s trustworthiness, causing friction with Mayfair and testing Reade’s loyalty to the team. Meeting Weller’s family proves overwhelming for Jane as she grapples with her identity.

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