Blindspot Recap 10/26/15 Season 1 Episode 6 “Cede Your Soul”

By on October 26, 2015
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On Blind Spot last week a hostage crisis turned into a discovery of a hidden bomb terrorist, a man named Dodi. This led to a chase to find him before his plans to release a deadly radiation.

The FBI team successfully stops the radiation from being released, but they the fall into a gun stand off between the CIA and their Director Carter. This scene was important because it shows how pride, jealously, and persuasion is used by everyone, even the FBI and CIA.

The FBI rightfully captured Dodi and defeated his gang. They endured the shootout and just in time stopped the radiation bomb from being released. However, Carter and the CIA arrive afterwards and Carter is able to use his leverage on FBI detective Mayfair to take Dodi from them.

Operation Daylight has been mentioned earlier, in which we know Mayfair and Carter worked together on a secret, and illegal mission which was covered up. In the standoff, Carter doesn’t even have to say Daylight to pressure Mayfair in giving the CIA Dodi.

Carter was in a win-win situation because he threatens to take Doe if the FBI wasn’t willing to give up Dodi. Carter’s actions were illegal, unethical, and wrong. Mayfair knows the potential horrors of what the CIA could do to Jane Doe, and she like the rest of the team cares for Doe.

Well maybe not everyone.

At the very end we see detective Zepata meet with Carter secretly, and accept cash in exchange for detailed information on Jane Doe. Zepata is a good at what she does for the FBI team, but may be the one that ruins Jane Doe from learning about her condition, identity, and more.

Tonight, when an assassination leads the team to a dangerous app that allows criminals to track government vehicles, they have to work with the app’s surprising creator to take it down. Jane and Weller attempt to keep their relationship professional.


Doe is asleep and has a dream where she is making love to a man. The next day she talks to the FBI doctor, who is trying to decipher who the man is. She mentions a tattoo on his forearm. Weller sleeps the night at the FBI office and is upset at his sister for bringing over their father. Weller argues with sister as he still believes their father is at fault for Shaw’s disappearance, and wants him gone. Sister says he’s only here for treatments.

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