Blindspot Recap 10/5/15 Season 1 Episode 3 “Eight Slim Grins”

By on October 5, 2015
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Blindspot has been a intriguing, thrilling, and mysterious story so far as detective Weller’s FBI team examine each strange tattoo on the body of the unidentified woman who they call, “Jane Doe”.

More information has been discovered about Jane Doe who doesn’t remember anything. So far we see she has incredible fighting and combat skills, vast knowledge as shown by her multi-lingual ability, and most importantly is somehow involved with the unidentified bearded man.

Detective Kurt Weller proposed last episode that Doe may be Taylor Shaw, a girl who he was friends with at the age of 10, and went missing. On Jane Doe’s back is a large tattoo with Weller’s name.

Tonight’s episode 3, featured major twists and an important discovery.


Jane Doe is in her safehouse when she is surprised by the bearded man. He doesn’t want to hurt her, just wants to help. They fight and he is surprised she can remember him through short flashbacks. He says he went undetected in the house due to their training.

Surprising though when they stop fighting and are about to talk, he is shot multiple times by someone outside the house. The bearded man is dead, and at the FBI station his prints and DNA reveal nothing in the databases. He is essentially another Jane Doe, but now dead so the detectives are stuck. However, on his body they find he and Jane have the same navy seal tattoo.

Mayfair talks to Weller privately, and says they have the DNA from Taylor Shaw who went missing 10 years ago, but doesn’t want to immediately run the test. She says if Doe finds out who she is, then it could disrupt her memory recovery and place in the FBI department. Weller is upset and argues with Mayfair about this.

Meanwhile a group of five unidentified men in a van, rob a bank. Before leaving one of them, Casey Robek, is shot and forced to be left behind, which upsets them. At the station, the detectives investigate and discover the men were former black ops and Robek is in the hospital. They find their location could be at a place in Queens, NY. They go and bring Doe, which upsets detective Reade.

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