Is Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller Headed to Jail for Bankruptcy Fraud

By on October 14, 2015

It looks like another reality star is in trouble and may be heading to jail. ┬áDance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller, best known for her nasty attitude toward children on Dance Moms, seems to be in some heavy legal trouble.


Miller filed for bankruptcy in December 2010 and remained in insolvency for three years. During the three years she was required to report all of her income to the court. Wages earned during that time, which stemmed from her Lifetime reality show and spinoff projects, went into a special bank account, as per a court order.

Miller thought she would pull a fast one on the government and court system and set up a hidden bank account where she deposited more than $755,000 in income she had made from her TV shows, merchandise and apparel sales, and dance lessons at her studio. Seriously Abby? What would make her think she is above the law?

As a result, a federal grand jury indicted the reality star on 20 counts of fraud, and she faces up to five years in prison for each charge. Abby Lee Miller was charged with bankruptcy fraud for hiding her income and concealing assets. This sounds strangely familiar – like something Teresa Guidici is serving time for right now?

So how did Abby Lee Miller get caught hiding the money? The judge she dealt with for the bankruptcy proceedings became suspicious when he coming across a commercial that advertised her appearances on two reality shows, Ultimate Dance Competition and American Idol. The judge then ordered a hearing for Miller to disclose her full income, at which point it was discovered that she was hiding a portion of her earnings.

Do you think Abbie Lee Miller is above the law? Will she end up serving time and if so, how much time will she actually get. It isn’t looking good for Miller. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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