Denzel Washington Joining “Grey’s Anatomy” as Patrick Dempsey’s Replacement!

By on October 14, 2015
'jimmy fallon 2/27/14'

'jimmy fallon 2/27/14'

Denzel Washington, the dreamy Oscar-winning actor is joining “Grey’s Anatomy,” a show that is struggling to stay afloat after the departure of Sandra Oh in season ten and Patrick Dempsey in season eleven. It was a big question as to who could fill Dempsey’s McDreamy shoes and it looks like they are quite big ones to fill. Can Ellen Pompeo really carry this show on her own, despite it being named after her character of Dr. Meredith Grey? Enter Denzel Washington and everyone is going crazy about him joining the show. You will get to see his name in the credits for the ninth episode of this season, according to Entertainment Weekly and guess who he will be playing? McDirector.

Yes, sadly he will be behind the scenes, playing director but there must be something about the show that intrigued him enough to take the gig. It seems that he is testing the waters with the cast to see how he would fit in as a recurring character, maybe someone for Bailey to fool around with or a new love for Meredith. I mean, who would be better than Denzel freaking Washington to help her get over Derek? I cannot think of anyone. As for how many more episodes he is set to direct, that is yet to be seen but when there is “Grey’s Anatomy,” there is “Scandal” so will he be joining the whole #TGIT line-up? We can only hope.

According to TVLine, it is because of a friendship with Debbie Allen that has caused Denzel to bring his directorial abilities to the small screen after directing solely for the big screen. We are super excited to see what he has planned and cannot wait to watch what he brings to the show. There is still a chance that he could make an appearance and that is something that fans are holding onto as everyone still wants McDreamy back! What are your thoughts? “Grey’s” airs Thursday nights at 8p.m. on ABC.

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