General Hospital Recap for October 19 to October 23, 2015

By on October 24, 2015
'general hospital recaps'
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This week on General Hospital…..Julian gets some surprising news; Anna makes a gruesome discovery; and Sabrina mourns Carlos.

'general hospital recaps'

Molly and TJ help haul the last of Julian’s stuff from the Metro Court, but at the last minute Molly makes it very clear that she does not want Julian to move in. Meanwhile Alexis bumps into Ned, who is there to visit Olivia. Alexis asks if Ned is there to see Leo and Olivia. Ned reminds Alexis that Leo died; Olivia adopted a boy named Matteo. Alexis nods, but later calls the hospital to check on the DNA test she had requested on “Matteo’s” pacifier.

Ned goes to visit Olivia, who is about to propose. Ned admits he can’t keep lying about Leo and breaks up with Olivia. Meanwhile Alexis walks into Julian and Molly’s tense conversation. Molly rudely tells Alexis that she is a fool to believe that Julian is out of the mob. Later Alexis overhears Julian on the phone and wonders if Molly could be right.

Morgan finds Kiki getting drunk at the Haunted Star. She tells Morgan to get lost. Morgan stumbles away and is approached by Darby, a college friend of Molly’s. Molly and TJ arrive to pick Darby up for a party. Darby invites Morgan, who tries to get Kiki to leave with him. When Kiki refuses, Morgan leaves with Darby. Kiki watches regretfully.

Sabrina finally confesses to Michael that she is pregnant. Michael is terrified, but happy. He declares his love for Sabrina and says he wants a family with her. Can she handle his two crazy families? Sabrina is overwhelmed by Michael’s love and happily agrees to raise this baby with him.

Jake barges into Wyndemere to demand to know whose DNA Nikolas had tested against Jake’s. Hayden breaks up their scuffle as Nikolas explains he wanted to protect Elizabeth, so yeah, he had Jake’s DN tested against a national database, but it got no hits. Hayden scares Jake away and eavesdrops as Spencer sneaks out of bed to ask Nikolas what his intentions towards Hayden are. Nikolas says he likes her, but Spencer thinks he luvs her.

Sam and Spinelli find themselves thinking about Jason at the docks. They watch falling stars and discuss how they feel he still alive. Spinelli muses that Jason is in the stars and the air and that he and Sam were star-crossed lovers. Jake arrives and watches the falling stars with them, making this whole mess so heavy handed that we can’t breathe.

Max and Milo pay Sonny a visit where Sonny gives Max the task of finding out who killed Carlos. When Patrick arrives, Sonny assumes he will be discharged, but Patrick wants him that he has a long road to recovery. Furious Carly follows Patrick to his office where she takes issue with his bedside manner, but Patrick reminds Carly how arrogant Sonny is. And what Sonny doesn’t understand is that he may be in that wheelchair forever! Unfortunately Sonny overhears this as Milo wheels him around the hospital.

Upon Patrick’s advice Anna schedules a session with Kevin where she admits she sees Carlos’ ghost everywhere. She can’t go one like this! Kevin realizes Anna is holding something back. He looks at her. Did she commit a crime? Anna hesitates. No, of course not!

In another part of the hospital Alexis gets the DNA results of Olivia’s baby from Brad, who asks her to help him secure a divorce from Rosalie and avoid jail time. Julian stops by to see Lucas and ask when his wedding will be. Lucas is happy to see how supportive his father is. Later Julian is surprised to see Alexis. She in turn gets suspicious when Julian receives yet another mysterious phone call. She confronts him and Julian brings her to a house with a pool, proclaiming this is her house. Emotional Alexis and Julian make love in the huge elegant bathroom. Afterwards while Julian hunts for towels, Alexis opens the DNA test and sighs. Matteo is really Leo after all! When Julian returns, Alexis doesn’t have a good way to tell him that his son is alive—and Olivia lied. Naturally Julian is livid. He ignores Alexis’ advice to stay put and goes to find Olivia.

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