General Hospital Recap for October 26 to October 30, 2015

By on October 31, 2015
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This week on General Hospital……Elizabeth gets ready for her wedding to Jake while the rest of Port Charles celebrates Halloween on the Haunted Star.

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Elizabeth returns from her surprise bridal shower to find little Jake adamantly declaring to Jake that he is his real father. Jake thinks the little guy means that Jake will be his step-father, but little Jake insists that Jake is his father—right now. Elizabeth tries to talk some sense into her son, who tells her that he overheard her talking with Grandma Laura. Elizabeth convinces the troubled boy that it doesn’t matter because in a few weeks, Jake will be the boys’ father in all the ways that count.

Sam goes to the PCPD to advise Spinelli to be quiet as Jordan books him. Diane arrives, much to Spinelli’s relief. She can’t believe Spinelli got caught hacking into the hospital’s database. Chagrined Spinelli remarks that Dr. Obrecht must’ve updated her security system. While Spinelli gets finger-printed, Diane rolls her eyes when Sam admits she really wants to help Jake—and that Patrick is the man for her.

Troubled Jake calls Sam and asks to meet with her. He wants to make sure that his past isn’t going to be more trouble for Elizabeth, meaning he needs to find out who he really is ASAP. Sam understands and reluctantly admits she and Spinelli went against Jake’s wishes and hacked into the hospital’s systems—and now Spinelli could be facing major jail time.

At General Hospital Carly and Sonny are stunned when Michael announces that Sabrina is pregnant. As Michael babbles with excitement, Carly gets a “hell, no” look on her face while Sonny goes the sexist route and wants Michael to marry Sabrina immediately. And sure enough, later we hear Carly inform Sonny that Sabrina is not right for Michael; there is no passion in that relationship! Sonny doesn’t care. He just wants Michael to do what’s right.

And Michael tries. As soon as he and Sabrina return to the Quatermaine mansion, he proposes. Sabrina gently declines. She doesn’t want to rush into this! How about they get to know each other first? Michael agrees and they head inside where Monica and Tracy are having yet another spat. Tracy informs Monica that Sabrina is pregnant. Monica is thrilled that AJ will live on just as Jason lives on in Danny and Jake. When Monica asks Sabrina about her due date, Sabrina claims she needs some air and goes outside.

Back at GH Lulu and Dante eagerly meet with Dr. Lee to begin the embryo implantation process. Dr. Lee tells them the chances of Lulu carrying this baby to term are close to nil. Why she didn’t say this earlier is a major oversight and proves once again what a horrible doctor she is. Dante doesn’t want to get their hopes crushed if the embryo ends up unviable, but Lulu is determined to try. Olivia catches them after the appointment to ask them to be Leo’s godparents. Dante feels guilty especially when Olivia calls him the “best man she knows.”

Maxie confronts Dillon at the Haunted Star as he works on a promo for his movie to show at Lulu’s fundraiser. Maxie dangles the fat check from Nina, but before she gives it to Dillon, she demands he tell her about Dante’s big secret. Before Dillon can say anything, Dante and Lulu arrive. Dante catches Dillon staring at a photo of Lulu while Maxie confides that Dillon really does know something about Dante. When Dante angrily orders Dillon again to stay away from Lulu, Dillon gets upset and announces that he has something to tell Lulu. Luckily Dante, Nathan and Valerie arrive to help decorate the Haunted Star for Halloween. Valerie quickly pulls Dillon aside and convinces him to keep quiet. Later he tells Lulu that he and Valerie are going to start dating again. He also mutters to Dante that he will keep Dante’s secret unless Dante gives him a reason not to.

Julian invites Sam and Lucas to his new love nest with Alexis where they are stunned to learn that baby Leo is alive—and hanging out with Julian. Julian explains he asked for shared custody of the little guy. Alexis watches a little nervously as Olivia arrives and bonds with Julian over Leo.

Paul stops by Anna’s place unannounced. He wants to know why Anna was at the morgue making inquiries about Carlos’ body. As Emma models Halloween outfits for them, Anna admits that she wanted some closure over Duke’s death, but she suspects that the body that was found was not Carlos’. Paul makes Anna very nervous and she makes several attempts to get him to leave. When he finally does, he issues a clear warning that Anna no longer has any power in this town.

Hayden and Nikolas are enjoying another dinner at the Floating Rib when Sam arrives to pick up take-out. Nikolas chides her for having Spinelli break into his files and the hospital. Sam reminds Nikolas that he no longer has any friends in town. He’s going to end up all alone at Elizabeth’s wedding. Hayden angles for an invitation to the wedding, citing that she thinks it might be fun. And who knows, maybe she will get her memory back in the middle of the ceremony and realize who Jake really is!

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