General Hospital Recap for October 5 to October 9, 2015

By on October 10, 2015
'general hospital recaps'
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This week on General Hospital……..Dillon reaches his breaking point; Jake and Sam team up again; and Laura returns to town determined to get her loved ones to do the right thing!

'general hospital recaps'

Anna is having after school snacks with Emma at Kelly’s when Emma announces that Anna is the subject of her “Person She Admires Most” essay. Embarrassed Anna tries to convince Emma to choose someone else, but Emma is proud of her grandmother. Who else has a grandmother who was once a spy and police chief? Anna is no doubt thinking of her murdering Carlos as she uncomfortably thanks Emma. Sabrina bumps into them buying cookies for Michael. She whispers to Anna that she doesn’t think Carlos shot Sonny because if Carlos was in town, he would have contacted her. Anna thanks Sabrina for her tip but feels that maybe Carlos didn’t want to put Sabrina in danger.

Michael returns to the Quartermaine mansion to find Tracy and Paul discussing Paul’s new job as DA and his investigation into Carlos’ whereabouts. Michael goes overboard with his support for Sonny and for his desire to get justice for Sonny. Tracy becomes even more alarmed when Michael lets it slip that he was at a meeting with the five mob families. She reminds him that he is the main Quartermaine heir and not to let Sonny’s mob life ruin his future. Sabrina gently echoes Tracy’s sentiment when she stops by. Later after Michael and Sabrina leave, Tracy overhears Paul telling someone that something can’t be traced back to him. Tracy confronts Paul, who explains it was about the missing flash drive that would have put Ava behind bars forever. Tracy remembers that she once had a budding friendship with Ava and praises Paul for his efforts to clean up the mob.

Laura knocks on Sam and Patrick’s door, interrupting Patrick’s proposal. Embarrassed she is about to reveal that Jake is really Jason when she learns that Sam has just accepted Patrick’s proposal. Laura awkwardly excuses herself and heads to Spoon Island to check on Nikolas.

Meanwhile Nikolas catches Hayden reading newspaper articles about her shooting in an effort to jog her memory. He slams the laptop computer shut and assures Hayden that he told her everything she needs to know. Hayden accuses Nikolas of controlling her—and skirting the truth. Every time she gets close to remembering, he distracts her with flirtation and seduction. Nikolas decides to head out, but later catches Hayden calling Elizabeth. He then kisses Hayden, who returns his affections—just as Laura walks in. Awkward! Hayden pulls away when she sees Laura and introduces herself. Shocked, Laura soon learns that Hayden doesn’t remember who Jake really is. After Hayden excuses herself, Laura grills her oldest son. What is going on here? And isn’t it convenient that Hayden doesn’t remember Jake’s true identity nor does she remember that Nikolas had a hit on her? Nikolas assures Laura that’s fine; and he actually has feelings for Hayden.

Back at Kelly’s Elizabeth is alarmed to hear that Jake was with Sam at Noodle Buddha and that Sam had believed that Jason would come back to her. Elizabeth becomes rattled even further when she gets a call from Hayden, asking her why they had that fight at Wyndemere which led to her breaking a vase. Nikolas however grabs the phone, assures Elizabeth he has it under control and hangs up. Later Patrick and Sam enter with the good news that they are engaged! After Patrick and Elizabeth head back to the hospital, Jake tells Sam about the phone call. Sam traces it back to Wyndemere and the two of them realize Hayden called Elizabeth.

Franco is upset to see Kiki downing shots and flirting with a jerk at the Floating Rib instead of at work, like she told him. Franco orders the jerk to get lost when he gets fresh with Kiki. He even tells the boy that he is Kiki’s father! Then Franco—and a reluctant Nina—take Kiki home where Kiki breaks down. She hates living here, but she has nowhere to go since her father was murdered, and she learned her mother was screwing her boyfriend! Franco has an idea. Why don’t the three of them live together? That’s a sitcom made in hell just waiting to happen. Both Nina and Kiki adamantly refuse and Kiki storms back out.

Kiki heads to the Floating Rib where Ava is attempting to have a family dinner with Julian and Avery. Ava tries to coax Kiki to join them, but Kiki angrily downs more vodka shots, reminds her mother that neither of them have called her in weeks, her father was murdered, and storms back to her apartment where she finds Franco convincing Nina to buy the apartment—for Kiki’s sake. He suggests that Kiki can be the child they never had. They can be her family. Nina reluctantly agrees (Franco is very persuasive with the twinkling eyes and wry smile), and when Kiki returns home, Franco gives a big speech about how they will be there for her the next time she is hurting or humiliated. Kiki bursts into tears and leans on Franco’s shoulder.

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