Will Khloe Kardashian Ask Kaley Cuoco to Sell Her Home Back Now That Khloe and Lamar Have Reconciled?

By on October 22, 2015
'khloe kardashian flies to Lamar Odom's side'

'khloe kardashian flies to Lamar Odom's side'

Kaley Cuoco was the lucky buyer of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s home when they decided to make their split official. Now, it is Kaley who is back on the market after filing for divorce from husband Ryan Sweeting in September after getting married December 31st, 2013. Though the house may seem like a jinx since it has spawned two divorce filings, Khloe has now called off her divorce from Lamar after she brought him back to Los Angeles. The former Los Angeles Lakers star was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago after partying way too hard at the Love Ranch, a brothel in Las Vegas. He dropped $75,000 at said legal brothel, owned by Dennis Hof and then overdosed after mixing herbal Viagra with cocaine and other drugs.

While in the hospital, with very little hope, it was discovered that though the papers had been signed by both parties, Lamar and Khloe were still legally married. She stayed by his bedside the entire time and even flew in his ex Liza Morales and his children with Liza, a daughter who is 17 and son who is 13. Now that they are back together in California, Khloe is determined to be there every step of the way as Odom, 35 attempts to recover as the full damage to his internal organs is still up in the air. What would be best for Lamar would be familiar surroundings, including the home that he and Khloe shared. So, will Kaley Cuoco, who is being asked for spousal support by Sweeting, be ready to sell her home back to the Odom family to aid in Lamar’s recovery?

'kaley cuoco married'

It would depend on what goes on with the pre-nup that Kaley and Ryan signed and dividing of the assets yet with Khloe’s late father Robert Kardashian having been one of OJ Simpson’s “Dream Team” lawyers, mom Kris Jenner knows people so they could and will get what they want. As for now, we are just keeping Lamar in our thoughts and are reminded of how hard it was for Khloe’s family to get her to move out of the house she shared with Lamar via an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which returns next month.

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