Khloe Kardashian Speaks Out About Lamar Odom – There is no Reconciliation

By on October 28, 2015
'khloe says she and lamar are not together'

Khloe Kardashian is speaking out about her relationship with her husband, Lamar Odom and why she decided to call of the divorce.

'khloe says she and lamar are not together'

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Khloe said, “I love Lamar and I will always be there for him like I promised.”

It was only two weeks ago that Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada, when Khloe rushed to his side. Khloe has stayed by his side ever since, even as he undergoes treatment for pneumonia and kidney damage.

Khloe spoke about Lamar saying, “there is a very long road ahead of him and he has to walk that road by himself. But I’ll be there supporting him every step of the way.”

The couples courtship began in 2009 when they got engaged after only knowing each other for nine days. Less than one month after they met, the couple married. Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013 after rumors of Odom’s infidelities and drug use arose. While the couple signed divorce papers this summer, the divorce was never finalized due to a backlog in the court system. Khloe and Lamar arenow putting the divorce on hold.

Chloe remains in charge of all of Odom’s medical decisions. Khloe says,” I pulled back on the divorce because there’s no rush for it. For medical decisions and a ton of other things, it’s just smarter that it’s put on hold.” That does not mean I’m back with Lamar, time only time will tell.”

As of this moment, the couple are not reconciled and are not back together. Kardashian is doing the right thing and staying by his side. Odom is an only child, his mother passed away and he is basically alone in this world.

In the meantime, Khloe and her boyfriend, James Harden are taking their relationship as each day comes.

What do you think about how Khloe is handling the situation? Do you think it was smart for her to call off the divorce?

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