Kylie Jenner Changes Look After Tyga and Khloe Get Close!

By on October 13, 2015

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Kylie Jenner cannot keep the same look for longer than a week, it seems so why is she so eager to constantly change who she is? Tyga! Yes, boyfriend Tyga, who gifted the youngest Jenner with a Ferrari for her eighteenth birthday, is the main reason for the changes, mainly the blonde look. It seems as though Kylie may have caught her twenty-five year old boyfriend checking out her blonder and super fit older sister Khloe Kardashian. Tyga seems to have had his eye on Khloe all along, even when he was with Blac Chyna but she was still on and off with ex-husband Lamar Odom. She was then linked to French Montana so Tyga never really had a chance to make his move…that we know of. Hence why Kylie’s insecurities have become magnified like her dislike of her upper lip leading her to get fillers, which she initially denied.

She also continued to change her hair from black to rainbow to blonde and started sporting a blonde wig shortly after Khloe took her hair platinum. From behind, you can hardly tell them apart as they both have killer curves and long blonde locks. It looked like Kylie had taken the plunge and bleached her own hair, ditching the wig but now we see her out with her regular dark locks. She was just spotted with Tyga after a fender-bender, something that Jenner seems all too familiar with. E! News reported that the couple is actually in counseling at the moment, for what, no one is quite sure but I have a feeling that I know why.

Blac Chyna did accuse Tyga of regifting a car that he had given his ex and then handed down to Kylie as a birthday gift, something the rapper denied. That could cause some tension but so can the need to constantly try to live up to sister Khloe who is thirty-one and can do many of the things that Kylie cannot just yet. Example: Khloe can party all night in a bar while Kylie legally cannot. If Kylie keeps attempting to alter her appearance to be what she thinks Tyga really wants, there will be far more problems within the Jenner/Kardashian family.

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