Lamar Odom Reportedly Over Dosed – Fighting for His Life

By on October 13, 2015

Lamar Odom has been living on borrowed time for a couple of years now. Following his separation from his wife, Khloe Kardashian, we learned Odom was addicted to drugs.


Since we learned of Lamar’s addiction, two of his very close friends have passed away from a heroin overdose. TMZ is reporting Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after being found unconscious following a weekend of partying while in Nevada.

Odom arrived at the Love Ranch in Nevada Saturday and was partying with several girls for days. TMZ is reporting A source at the Ranch said Lamar was taking an herbal substitute for Viagra.

Lamar was found at the ranch in his hotel room unconscious. An ambulance reportedly took him to the hospital where doctors intubated him. Unfortunately, this is an indicator that Lamar wasn’t breathing on his own. He was later airlifted from the hospital to Las Vegas for additional treatment.

No word from Khloe Kardashian as to how she is dealing with the news of her ex-husband fighting for his life! Although the former couple’s interaction was an incident where Khloe claimed Lamar was stalking her and Lamar claimed Khloe set him up and told him to meet her at the gym early in the morning and then claimed he was stalking her.

We will keep you posted as to how Lamar Odom is doing.

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