Limitless Recap: The Legend of Marcos Ramos 10/6/15

By on October 6, 2015
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On the last episode, Brian tried to find his place in his new FBI job, and Eddie arranged for one of his goons, a nurse, to act as Brian’s father’s nurse to keep an eye on things and make sure Brian doesn’t reveal anything about his involvement in Brian’s life. The full recap is here.

Brian finds his father’s nurse/Eddie’s goon to confront her. She’s hardly into keeping up a facade. She tells him to be careful, or else, but she stands by the fact that she’s a nurse all in all. He goes to work, and in the process of the commute, he runs into Shauna- his One That Got Away. They end up continuing on their way together, and they’ve promised to play catch-up. He gets to headquarters to find Rebecca and the other agents in disarray. One of their own, Ray, has been murdered. He was holding a post-it with an odd drawing when he went down. His computer harddrive was also destroyed the night before the murder. Their boss makes all of the agents go all in on the investigation. Brian asks Rebecca if Dixon kept paper files. Rebecca goes to check it out, and sure enough, he does. They have a starting point- and then he’s stuck with gruntwork when ‘Mike’ and ‘Ike’, his handlers, drop off shredded files of Dixon’s. In the process of reassembling them, Shauna tries to ask what happened to him since he’s changed so much. He suggests they meet for dinner, but there’s no answer. Rebecca checks in- he has a lead, Jeff Fox. Dixon may have found out that Fox may be about to be blackmailed for money extortion. Shauna finally texts back and agrees to meet him that night for dinner. Mike and Ike are thrilled to tell him the NZT would wear off by the time the date comes around.

Rebecca and Brian go see Fox, and the man apparently slips up that one of the women he’s also having an affair with is an intern, Sarah. They go to see her. They mention Fox, and she denies knowing him- until Brian sees that her son has Fox’s eyes. She comes clean. Fox is the father, and he’s been looking out for her and her son. His motive checks out- for now. They head back to the office. Brian tries to weasel some NZT off of Mike so he can be A-OK with the date. Mike denies him. Brian goes on the date and essentially crashes and burns hard. Brian throws caution to the wind and thanks her for sticking with him so long when he was a failure. Turns out she’s leaving New York, so they part ways. The next day, Mike wakes him up. He has to take him to Long Island City. They have a lead about Dixon, and it takes them to a storage unit that’s set up like  a police strategy room. There are casenotes everywhere about one Marcos Ramos.

Later, Brian and Rebecca read up on Ramos, and as far as Brian’s concerned, the guy’s out of a bad gangster movie with all of the drug running, prostitutes and murders. Turns out Dixon uncovered a case of corruption with a few law workers connected to Ramos. Brian takes all of the new info and develops a theory: Dixon was murdered by a sniper, who was on top of the cathedral across the way from where he was. The sniper was tall. Rebecca’s not thrilled that fact is basically the main conclusion. Brian talks her into calling it a day… because he needs girl advice. Rebecca’s skeptical, but decides to hear him out. He’s worried about Shauna liking Brian on NZT vs Just Brian. Rebecca reassures him that there’s no difference- it’s just him. She gives him an example- the first thing he did on NZT was helping his dad- he’s selfless. If she’s more interested in the things a selfish person can do compared to selfless, ‘she’s not worth your time.’

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